How much does the tractor weigh?

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    Nov 15, 2006
    I have seen KW 900s and Peterbilt 379s listed on used truck websites without telling how much they weigh. Just the tractor, not with the trailer. They give front axle and rear axle weights, but I am not sure if that is load capacity or actual weight of the vehicle. Why don't they list total weight of the tractor? Could anyone clear this up?

    How much does a KW 900 weigh?
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    Much of that depends on how the tractor is specced out. The numbers being mentioned are the capacities of the axles, not the actual weight of the truck. In rough general terms, you are looking at a tandem sleeper tractor weighing a minimum weight of around 17,000 pounds upward to 22,000 pounds. Bigger engines, more gears in the trans, bigger heavier sleepers, bigger fuel tanks, and other things add to the weight. Trucks pulling vans tend to be the heaviest, with flatbed and bulk haulers being more weight conscious.

    My company truck weighs in at 18,000 for the truck, driver, full fuel, and all my gear. My trailers run right at 10,000, and cargo typically is 48-50,000 for a road weight betwen 76-78k most times.
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    my Kenworth weighs almost 20,000 lbs full of fuel, I have an aerocab flat top, 72 in sleeper, the bigger higher bunk ones will weigh a few hundred lbs more
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    I removed the sleeper on my t600 and 379. T600 is 16,600 379 is about 17k both have wet line kits, the t600 has a lift axle in place of power dovider the other is tandem. Theyre speced for dump trailers so with 88k gross theyre both around 30tons
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