How to deal with anxiety about losing your CDL?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by gone4truck, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. scott180

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    Dec 10, 2012
    Tooele, UT
    Random unprovoked attacks on the street, the world is out to get me and it owes me something attitude. Along with a me first, me first F the other guy mentally.
    All this before the SOB ever gets into a car. Yeah four wheelers have gotten worse.

    But the thing that actually surprised me coming back to driving after ten years out was how bad truck drivers have gotten.

    There are two Stoic philosophies that may help.

    Amor Fati: Learning To Love And Accept Everything That Happens

    Premeditatio malorum (“the pre-meditation of evils”) is a Stoic exercise of imagining things that could go wrong or be taken away from us. It helps us prepare for life’s inevitable setbacks and develop resilience in the face of uncertainty. We don’t always get what is rightfully ours, even if we’ve earned it. Not everything is as clean and straightforward as we think they may be. Psychologically, we must prepare ourselves for this to happen.

    On YouTube there are a lot of Stoic philosophy posted. They may help you.
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  3. Moose1958

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    Dec 17, 2010
    Ainigriv Notpmah
    This comment reminded me of some of several times in the past I knew real fear as a driver! Try doing repo? Then before that, I have been unloading ready mix on the side of a mountain. The only thing keeping you from a gruesome death is a large steal cable and a Dozer!

    These things like my comment about my driveline being disconnected on a hill are what makes me go screaming into the night!

    All kidding aside. You can't do this job scared! That stress will at some point catch up to you!
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  4. Wasted Thyme

    Wasted Thyme Road Train Member

    Jan 27, 2020
    GOAT watching
    Simple answer. If your job is causing you anxiety. No matter what the job. Find a different one.
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  5. gone4truck

    gone4truck Bobtail Member

    Jun 13, 2021
    I'm also a student of Stoicism. Hell, I've Meditations by Marcus Aurelius on my night table. just didn't cross my mind. Thank you for reminding me about Stoicism, that's what I really need right now.

    I'm about to start a new gig: semi-local, less time spent within city limits and more highway driving. I hope it will be a change of pace.

    Thank you.
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  6. Six9GS

    Six9GS Road Train Member

    Dec 3, 2012
    Yuma, AZ
    I hope we all have a healthy dose of that concern. But, it can be overdone and create their own problems too. I find in life, in general, so many things are about learning to have a balance. So, be aware and concerned, but don't let it dominate.
    My life has gone sideways and in unexpected directions so many times, I sort of let go a long time ago of having to rigid an expectation on my life in general. Being a truck driver itself is one of those things. I was an electronic technician for 15 years and figured that was what I'd do my while life. I love electronics and at one time I was really good at it. But, life happened and I ended up changing careers and was a map maker (cartographer). Never had considered it before and, as it turned out, I had a really good knack and talent for it. I ended up being a map maker for over 20 years. And, then life happened again. From a left brained sideways out of nowhere thought I had one day, I've ended up an OTR driver and so glad I did. Occupation isn't perfect, none are. But, so many things about fit me really well and I enjoy this rather unique occupation.
    BTW, I've learned to use the term sideways to describe alot of things. Main reason is, sometimes those unexpected sideways events end up being really good things, not always, but more often than not, better than my plans and ideas. So, learned just because things aren't going the way I think they should is no indication that things are going wrong, just trust life, go with the flow of it and I've ended up with experiences far exceeding any I planned for.
    All this is meant to say, I trust life as best I can, if for whatever reason, I end up losing my CDL, I'm simply going to take it as a nudge from life that it's taking me in a different direction and perhaps one I'll enjoy more than I can realize from where I am at the time.
    Sorry so long winded. Being concise has never been my forte!
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  7. Numb

    Numb Crusty Curmudgeon

    Jan 30, 2012
    Charlotte, N.Carolina
    Que sera sera, what ever will be,will be.

    I made sure when,(note,when), I have an accident it can't be blamed on me. and usually,you, the driver won't be hurt.

    dot your I's and cross your T's. cover your butt, ect.

    I've had some crazy wrecks in 3 1/2 million miles, none, were my fault and never was fired or had CDL taken.
  8. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    That's a risk you take being a city driver.
  9. '88K100

    '88K100 Heavy Load Member

    Aug 23, 2020
    You need to switch to Sanka. (if you don't get that pun I am too old)
    Seriously you should not be worried about your CDL provided you are sober at the wheel and following the rules of the road. Be more concerned with your personal well being.
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  10. Rideandrepair

    Rideandrepair Road Train Member

    Aug 8, 2015
    I can’t help but wonder if it’s the fear of losing your CDL because of an accident. Or more a fear of what would happen to your Family financially, if you lost your Job. If so, any Job is vulnerable to losing. The same anxiety would be there, no matter what the Job. The truth is, doesn’t matter, things will always work out one way or another. I was a nervous wreck for almost a year after an accident. Seemed like everyone was just trying to cause another. I wasn’t afraid to Drive. Just afraid of the financial results of another. Having the thought of how fast it can happen, fresh on my mind. Just have to be careful. Others can run into you, it happens all the time. Just don’t want to be found at fault. City driving often calls for some aggressive driving to keep others from causing you to wreck. They’ll box you in, cut you off, etc. It’s easy to get over confident, Local or OTR. Working Local, on the clock, most of the time, I’d just drag ### let them go around, beep, flip Me off, it comes with the territory. Just have to sit back, sometimes smile and wave, make it enjoyable. I had a close call last week. Young girl made a U turn in front of Me, and kept coming over. Had to lock them up. Tapped her bumper. We didn’t file any report. No damage to my Truck. She must not have had insurance. Car had already been rear ended. Just a reminder, you never know what the other Drivers going to do. Almost ruined my day.
  11. tarmadilo

    tarmadilo Heavy Load Member

    Dec 12, 2018
    I also drive out of DFW, and am back out OTR after four months of local work. I didn’t enjoy it at all, traffic does suck and folks don’t know how to drive (I’m on a Houston run right now, and they’re worse down here!). My one trick for staying sane and (relatively) safe: drive relaxed, let folks in, never be in a hurry.
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