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    Hudson Valley, NY
    Here's a list of truck stops, travel plazas & rest areas in the Hudson Valley / Mid Hudson region / Tri-state NY NJ PA CT area / Southern New York / Highway 84 / NYS Thruway 87 intersection corridor area. The list includes a few stops on the border of NY, New Jersey and Pennsylvania because they are so close and the 87 stretch covered is from the NY 87/NJ 287 border to Albany NY.
    Each place has it's own rules and features you'll have to look up. Rest areas don't have fuel but truck stops and travel plazas do have fuel. Truck stops have both eastbound and westbound exits, but travel plazas and rest areas are only along whatever direction you're travelling.
    There may be occasional exceptions and unique situations in some places, for example accidents and construction can be anywhere at anytime so it's best to research and call ahead to confirm any details.

    Highway 84 East To West (NY/CT To NJ/PA)
    NY I-84 Stormville Rest Area Westbound - Stormville NY 12582
    NY I-84 East Fishkill Rest Area Eastbound - Stormville NY 12582
    Pilot / Flying J #394 Truck Stop - 239 NY-17K, Newburgh NY 12550
    TA / Petro #210 Truck Stop - 125 Neelytown Rd, Montgomery NY 12549
    Blue Beacon Truck Wash - 145 Neelytown Rd, Montgomery NY 1254
    NY I-84 Wallkill Rest Area Westbound - Middletown NY 10941
    NY I-84 Middletown Rest Area Eastbound - New Hampton NY 10958
    Pilot / Flying J #880 Truck Stop - 15 NJ-23, Montague NJ 07827

    Thruway 87 North To South (Albany NY To New Jersey 87/287 Or Ardsley NY 87)
    NYS Thruway 87 New Baltimore Travel Plaza North & Southbound - New York State Thruway, 127 North, Hannacroix NY 12087
    NYS Thruway 87 Malden Travel Plaza Northbound - New York State Thruway, 103 North, Malden-on-Hudson NY 12453
    NYS Thruway 87 Ulster Travel Plaza Southbound - New York State Thruway, 96 South, Ruby NY 12475
    NYS Thruway 87 Plattekill Travel Plaza Northbound - New York State Thruway, 65 North, Wallkill NY 12589
    NYS Thruway 87 Modena Travel Plaza Southbound - New York State Thruway, 66 South, Modena NY 12548
    NYS Thruway 87 Ramapo Travel Plaza Southbound - New York State Thruway, 33 South, Sloatsburg NY 10974
    NYS Thruway 87 Sloatsburg Travel Plaza Northbound - New York State Thruway, 33 North, Sloatsburg NY 10974
    NYS Thruway 87 Ardsley Travel Plaza Northbound - New York State Thruway, New York Thruway, 6 North, Hastings-On-Hudson NY 10706
    Pilot / Flying J #210 Truck Stop - 230 NJ-17 South, Mahwah NJ 07430
    Kings Mahwah Truck Stop / Sunoco #8002083001 -130 NJ-17, Mahwah NJ 07430

    Further East/Westbound on 84
    There are highway rest areas and commercial plazas Eastbound on 84 in Fishkill and Brewster NY and a TA in Milldale Connecticut.
    There are highway rest areas and Onvo travel plazas/truck stops Westbound on 84 between Port Jervis NY and Scranton Pennsylvania.

    Further North/Northwestbound on 87:
    Albany NY to Western NY
    Albany NY to Montreal Canada

    You will also find more detailed info from these sources:

    Highway 84 Rest Areas - Info & Maps
    Statewide Rest Areas Project
    Interstate I-84 New York Rest Area Stops | New York Rest Areas
    State of New-york Weigh Station Page
    I-84 Exit List - New York State Roads
    Interstate 84 (Pennsylvania–Massachusetts) - Wikipedia

    Thruway 87 Travel Plazas - Info & Maps
    Service Areas - New York State Thruway
    Traveler Map- New York State Thruway
    New York State Thruway Service Plazas.
    New York NYS Thruway Service Plazas | New York Rest Areas
    State of New-york Weigh Station Page
    I-87 Exit List - New York State Roads
    Interstate 87 (New York) - Wikipedia

    Maps, Apps, Contact
    Google maps is useful for researching places quickly, check the satellite maps to do your recon to see the layout of the place before you get there. Be aware some satellite imagery is not up to date, it could be years or a decade plus old, but you can cross-check other satellite map sources besides Gmaps just in case.
    I also recommend adding the above locations that are most relevant to you to your cell phone, map apps, gps, tablet, etc. I also like to print paper copies with phone numbers and keep them in a 3-ring binder just in case - better to have something than not have it at all.

    There are also truck stop apps you can download:
    TA Full-Service Travel Centers
    Pilot myRewards - Mobile
    Love's Find Locations & Pay At The Pump With Love's Connect

    You can contact the truck stops to make suggestions via the links above or here:
    TA Full-Service Travel Centers
    Pilot Contact Info | Pilot Flying J
    Love's Love's Contact Us


    Whether you're just passing through the 84/87 area or work here regularly hopefully some of this will help. Nobody can write an encyclopedia on the region but every little bit of info helps as long as it checks out.
    This is not a complete source of info by any means so if you have anything to add feel free to share below.
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  3. anondriverne

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    Aug 14, 2021
    Hudson Valley, NY
    Quick Reviews
    Highway 84:
    TA - Montgomery / Maybrook NY
    - Very spacious outdoor parking and fuel island area, fuel pumps are very fast but don't print receipts and you may have to stand in line to get a paper receipt (I have made suggestions they get a self-service kiosk for drivers to print receipts), there is a Blue Beacon Truck Wash next door and a Shoprite plaza nearby
    Pilot - Newburgh NY - decent stop but gets crowded very fast on some days, you can get stuck turning in the back if it's too congested so be careful when driving in you might not get out, there is extra parking allowed across the street at the Stewart Airport Diner, paper receipts are inside
    Pilot - Montague NJ / Port Jervis NY / Matamoras PA - smaller stop, not much room to park but there is a Shoprite Plaza across the street

    Thruway 87:
    Ramapo Travel Plaza NY
    - Spacious outdoor parking and indoor eating area, be careful of the yellow barriers on the side of the middle fuel island as some drivers get stuck in there, there is another pump further down
    Sloatsburg Travel Plaza NY - Spacious outdoor parking and indoor eating area
    Pilot - Mahwah NJ - small truck stop
    Kings Mahwah / Sunoco - Mahwah NJ - small truck stop
    The rest I don't know much about, you'll have to read online and ask around for details.

    Quick Notes
    DOT inspections are done on 84 both ways in the Middletown/Montgomery NY area when the signs before the rest area are flashing.
    Sometimes you'll see both of the Highway 84 TA & Pilot stops overflowing onto the side roads with trailers.
    You would think in such a busy intersection corridor of two major highways there would be better conditions. I have called and submitted suggestions online for some of these stops for more parking space, snow removal equipment, receipt kiosks, etc. Some of the managers already did the same years ago to corporate but as you know it takes a long time or nothing gets done.

    I also contacted Love's as they don't have many stops in the Northeast, maybe putting one in Middletown NY off Highway 84 would work since the TA and Pilot are close by and get overcrowded so maybe that would offset some of the traffic there. Or maybe siting another stop outside the HV area would help to spread out the congestion.

    If you cross the Newburgh Beacon bridge into the Beacon / Fishkill area you will pay for the bridge going Eastbound. Westbound is unpaid, so siting another truck stop here in the HV may be tricky since the Hudson river splits the area in two so you could also site a truck stop in Dutchess or Putnam county along 84.

    In such an area where the 4 states of PA NY NJ CT and 2 major highways 84 & 87 converge maybe we need another truck stop or the existing places need expansion/renovation? More knowledgeable drivers and highway engineers can offer their opinion as I'm not an expert.

    Snow Removal
    Occasionally 84 will close completely in a major snow storm and this gets on the local and state news. Some years the roads are plowed in a timely manner, sometimes they aren't.
    None of these stops above have snow removal services for truck/trailer roofs to the best of my current knowledge.

    The Blue Beacon & TA have the most extra room to expand and may be the "best candidates" for front loader truck brushing and/or temp/perm stand alone roof scraper setups. Every year I make the suggestion for snow removal setups at these locations as some drivers do not get the support they need from the companies they work for and more laws have been passed in this region that ticket drivers but more importantly you don't want anyone to get injured or worse from snow and ice flying off a truck/trailer roof.

    For example NEMF in Montgomery NY had a roof scraper on their property but they went out of business, and smaller companies either can't afford such equipment or are cheap and will leave the driver to get in trouble - you have the right to refuse to drive an unsafe vehicle and can file a safety complaint with the FMCSA, DOT & OSHA if you are not supplied the equipment to clean it or even allowed to do it safely. I will post more about snow removal in another thread as it's already been discussed over the years.
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    ludlow MA
    If you think these are your only list of stops then it’s no wonder people complain about parking up here…..

    every other thruway stop is closed for the next year while they do renovations
  5. anondriverne

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    Aug 14, 2021
    Hudson Valley, NY
    I made a list of the "official" stops and "well known" truck stop company's stops.
    There may be more I'm unaware of or "unofficial" places as well where you can pull over and just park but I'm focusing on "full service" or close to that types of stops.

    Do you have any stops to add to the list?
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