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    Dec 30, 2017
    Hvh has lived up to everything that had stuff to say about they preach
    Communication communication
    Communication. But none of those people will return your call they had us sign a double lease well they put us in an older truck making claims that the permanent truck was in the shop or wasn’t there.
    They are force dispatch the 2 weeks I was there I never received a choice where I wanted to go
    The only non force dispatch is if there’s an area you don’t want to go into you don’t have to . They say a % fuel surcharges that’s false
    Oh they got miles that’s about all they got they control how much money your going to make . A lot of hidden bs oh yea non walk away lease go ahead an try to charge me an I will get a class action lawsuit on this company faster than you can say what hvh stands for
    High velocity head cause they will dock you
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    Another highly satisfied L/P driver, I see......
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