I-40 East MM 341 Rockwood, TN

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    0FB788FF-93DF-45BC-A1CB-0FA435DDC479.jpeg https://www.wbir.com/mobile/article/traffic/one-lane-closed-on-i-40-in-roane-county-after-tractor-trailer-wreck/51-6ffe97f5-9281-4880-81a1-833d652f2a50

    Saw this one today. All lanes were open when I went past. They had 20-25
    People out there passing the cases of product up to the shoulder to stack on pallet. This recovery will be expensive.
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  2. yeah that's a new good one for nice rollovers there at Rockwood..
    coming up by the power plant there you got that 50 mile an hour drop many people go careening down at 70 plus.
    but yet again it doesn't surprise me anymore
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    I doubt some buffing will fix that one
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    Hope he is just fired.
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