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  1. Maxiforce

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    Jul 23, 2022
    I made decent money first four years with own authority.got out bought another hauler it was garbage.I was just wondering how it's been last 2 years.I got into containers used a lease company.Thier authority.Home everyday.After adding up the load, times.insurance,paperwork cost of equipment.It makes me wonder everytime I see y'all rolling.If things have gotten better.Why I did it for so long.Car hauling requires way more than a driver .Mad respect to you parking lots. I no longer drive.But I'm still heavily involved in trucking..A container hauler with own power makes about 14k bring home after overhead.No touch.all expenses paid by lease company.Im putting info out there so I can get a comparison.Not trying to down anyone.I look forward to hearing from yall.be safe.Dont try moving any bridges
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