I need a good tax lawyer.

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    Oct 19, 2018
    Interesting thing about women who apply for work as well. They are far more likely to come in and act professional, hand me or my staff a professional looking resume. If I am around I'll ask if they are serious about finding a job, or more just going through the motions and handing out resumes wherever. If they say they are serious i will walk them out to a truck, if no trucks are in the yard i walk them over to a trailer. I say so beside the shop there are many sets of tire chains laying around. Put a set of chains on every axle, tell me when you are done and I will come see if its done correctly. 90% of men say no, and will not do it, yet chaining up is a very basic thing to do if you are a trucker here....where as 98% of the women say sure, and they go do it. If they refuse to do it, their resumes go into the trash can. Women are just more likely to work harder I find. So many men want a pay cheque, but they don't want to actually work for it. If they can't chain up a truck and trailer in my yard, how are they going to do it 100 times a year on the road in traffic, deep snow or mud, in the pouring rain or a white out blizzard. We are in a snow belt, and seriously steep mountain roads, chains are just a regular part of our lives. I have 2 sets in my own pickup even, they are with me 365 days a year, and yes I do put them on my pickup truck to get into places. 4x4 and good tires means nothing on a sheet of ice, or in 3 feet of snow, going up a steep hill. My tall one ton Ram diesel has pushed snow many times with the grill, not just the bumper. The harsh reality is that many men here say they want to be a truck driver, and yet they can't handle it. Most of the women prove they really want it ever day, and if they don't, they are not here very long. But show up asking for a job, and then don't even have the ambition to do one teeny tiny task, like throwing on a few sets of triples and a set of singles on the steers, you already told me by your actions that you don't truly plan to ever work.
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    I think Canadian women have a different mindset than US women. In Canada, you have to be tougher, and being a lot less populated, there may be not as many options for women. I have no quams about women turning a steering wheel or stretch wrapping a pallet, however, there are parts of trucking I think women should stay away from. Call me old fashioned, but slinging chains and hanging around gravel pits is no place for a woman. Women are "people" persons, and many find out the solitude of trucking is highly UNrewarding. Women have to go overboard, they are still trying to prove they can do the same job as a man, which is silly, but they still do. Oh, btw, in 35 years of trucking, I never once hung iron.
    I'm not sure what your last line was referring to about me working, pretty sure I was trucking when you were in diapers,,,but hey, at least we've gotten over my grandfathers attitude about women,,, "get back in the kitchen where you belong" :eek:
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    Sad story and you are an asset in this field, you just need to value yourself. Remember you get paid for what you think your skills are worth. Unequal pay is bs excuse for not knowing how to value yourself.
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    Call social security on them if you have state employment taxes call you state department of revenue. Those two agencies are like pit bulls compared to the IRS.
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    Thank you EVERYONE for your advice and encouragement. I will follow up when something new happens.
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