illegal all the way trucking "gunthers transport"

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by dizzy izzy 919, May 1, 2011.

  1. Old G man

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    Aug 10, 2011
    Harmans, Maryland
    :smt065Well Lets all take a breather and look at the company in question goto csa website and read all and I mean all the violations then ask yourself "If these guys know about all these violations then why is the company still in business?" Most everyone responding is right that it is the drivers fault for operatin the truck in the condition its in. I mean when you turn in the truck for having things wrong with it and they tell you to sit with the truck till they can get someone there to fix the problem (@1 am) in a truckstop in the back woods of west virginia where you were to pick up the truck and finish delivering the load because the last driver abbandoned the load there. you ride half the night with another gunther driver who leaves you with the truck when your half way done with the walk around pretrip. as per direction of operations manager directions to do that.(I found out later). I mean what to do? that's right they tell you that they have a garage 40 miles down the mountain that can fix the problems. So against better judgement I start my trip down 38 miles down I find blue lights pulling me over, with a very upset trooper who says" I don't know what you think your doing but I just put that truck out of service 8 hours ago. Your other driver is sitting in the hotel back there doing his out of service hours!!!" After I explained what happened and where I was going with the truck and for what reason his reply was a much easier quieter answer. " If you want to hand me the spare set of keys your operations manager gave you and you would like to go home I wont write you a ticket and I wont put you OOS." I grabbed my gear and was asking where the nearest cab might be, I got a ride to the bus station in the next town and was gone. I haven't even trIed to get my pay from them. The trooper let me go and I don't know what else happened but I can say. "they are known to the west virginia state police as a second chance company, they will hire anyone with a past felony and send them out to drive"
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    Oct 30, 2008
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    Three words for you. Truck stop lawyer. Many states have two party consent laws for audio recording. If you record a conversation in a state with two party consent, you could wind up in jail.

    As far as this company goes, they probably figure that anyone that would work for .24 a mile isn't too bright and they can take advantage of them.:biggrin_2559:
  4. Rollover the Original

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    Jul 1, 2009
    That is the crux of trucking and the miserable economy.

    Take a BFI company and add a desperate driver with family and bills and the above post is what happens!

    These desperate drivers need to look at the math of less than $.35 cents per mile and that's a pathetic amount of pay!

    They "think" they will be doing 3000+ miles a week or as I call it "a perfect world on paper running" which only if lucky will they see so they think the wife, kids and house gets paid but they forget that they need to eat each week but think they will survive eating out of an ice chest and cooking in the truck! They forget that there is also out of pocket truck related bills that have to be paid like scales, tolls and other items so having a hundred dollars in his pocket drags that $350 a week before taxes pay check down so that the wife and kids just might have to ride in the truck with him!

    Then you have these rookies that fall for the team experence and think that splitting $.24 a mile is real money! For some unknown reason there is some kind of majic at work that a recruiter sprinkles on them and when you tell them they are only making $.12 a mile they come unglued and tell you NO! IT'S $.24 a mile split! We have to look at them as if they are morons and explain that splitting that big twenty two cents equals that bog ole eleven cents! SO WHAT if you make that while asleep. It still adds up to crap wages!

    Anything below $.35 is slave wages! It's an embarrassment to any driver even a trainee! Heck it's an embarrassment to trucking itself! But these arsees running these companies know most drivers do not know what the freight rates really are and keep the drivers in the dark about them and tell these people they are doing good to get that wonderful$.24 a mile!

    As long as these rookies keep falling for those BS lines these companies will still make a killing at steering wheel holders expense while the owners and CEO's make their 6 figures a year!

    I guarantee when talking to a recruiter and they can't even say the number Thirty or Forty I'll hang up on their arses with a laugh when they say twenty and as I laugh I'll be sure they know that they are FN stupid if they think I will even pee on the tires of their trucks for that kind of pathatic pay!!

    Time to realize that freight rates are not in the crapper as badly as these loser recruiters and companies tell you they are! As long as you turn the key for crap wages be prepared to get treated like crap and to get paid crap IF they even pay you!
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  5. momstar

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    May 6, 2011
    .24 cpm split! You have got to be kidding me! That's gotta be an all time low! Why would anybody with any sense ever work for them?
  6. ronin

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    Jul 22, 2008
    San Antonio, Texas
    "That's gotta be an all time low!"

    No, he said he gets an extra 11 cpm to split (35 total) when he is forced to team. And no, I think I have the Truckers Report record for loaw pay... my wife and I averaged 17 cpm (SPLIT) on 109k miles at CRE.
  7. Old G man

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    Aug 10, 2011
    Harmans, Maryland
    They are what is called a second chance trucking company. If a driver needs the 3 or 6 months OTR status they can get on with a second chance company and get that log book time. As it is true alot of the drivers are past felons, most of them are at that sweet spot of more than 5 years since they finished their time. and most major carriers want you to have more than 10 years off their record. This company gives these drivers a chance to get the milage and road time they will need. The problem started when the registration on the trucks went out in april of 2011 and the company asked the drivers to stick it out with them so they could "fix" the problem.
  8. kwray

    kwray Medium Load Member

    Jun 14, 2009
    I wouldn't even give them a first chance. Is Gunther still in jail for the log violations from a few years ago or did they let him out?
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