Illinois -- buying a 3+1 axle lowboy?

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    Mar 14, 2012
    Berkeley, IL
    I am in Illinois and I am a rigger -- a private carrier -- and I haul my own machinery and scrap. Right now I have 5 trailers (gondola, stepdeck, hydraulic tail stepdeck, hydraulic lowboy, mechanical RGN) but all are 2 axle trailers so I am limited to 100,000 lbs gross. I am thinking about buying a 3+1 axle lowboy trailer so I can haul larger stuff and have easier time with my large forklifts which weigh about 60k lbs.

    I mean a trailer with 3 axles permanent and 4th as pin-on tag axle.

    I have three trucks, one Freightliner FLD 112 with Cat C12, International 9900i double frame with 15L engine, and a Freightliner Columbia.

    I have some questions.

    1. How much can I haul on a permit with 7 axles total (3 truck plus 4 trailer), in Illinois?
    2. How much would a typical truck and trailer weigh empty? (I have a single framed and also a larger double framed tractor)
    3. What are the pitfalls to look for?
    4. Any brands you recommend/to stay away from?

    I had a very bad experience with Ritchie brothers so was wondering if there are other big auctions where such trailers are sold.

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  3. BAR5M

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    May 20, 2014

    7 axles in IL is going to depend on your configuration, but you can plan on 20k an axle on permit- so long as your steer is rated for it. Otherwise rating of the steer and 40k on tandem. I pull a 3+1 regularly through IL and I can get 60k on the tridem and 20k on my booster. My last truck and trailer setup was a single framed 3 axle tractor and 3 axle 53' lowboy that had a 29' well. Empty weight was 38k. My current setup is a 4 axle heavy haul tractor- double framed, big steer and pusher with a 55 ton 3+1 lowboy. Empty weight is 54k. So I have axles for 160k but it will depend on what states your operating in as to how much you can haul. Out west in a handful of states I can scale a machine weighing 105k. Most other places its about 98k depending on what the machine is and where the weight rides. As far as pitfalls well there are ups and downs to each industry. Just make sure and read your permits thoroughly and pay attention to the routes. I've been running a trail king trailer for the last few years. Pretty solid rig. I have an Alpha on order due in next week, we'll see how it goes. Good luck.
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