Independents shut down to protest

Discussion in 'Other News' started by RussianBearTruckeR, Nov 1, 2022.

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    Thought we're federal and this by law is illegal, I agree truckers should be compensated like any other worker for OT after 40 (good luck with that I know) but many conditions can be better I'm only a company driver snd don't face the overhead pressures of low freight, increasing fuel and all other expenses, etc... we are the real dunkin donuts keeping America running, that I know
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    Nothing illegal about staying at home.
    The problem with past protests and the one we had in Canada back in February, a lack of focus.
    We had about five different groups converge on Ottawa that all wanted something different.
    Pick one problem and focus on that, then next year pick another one.
    With the introduction of ELDs, time has become an important commodity, maybe hourly pay would be a good subject.
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