International 9400I

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    Dec 22, 2007
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    My friend and I are looking at one in Tampa. Here are the specs:

    Year: 2003
    Engine spec's: ISX cummins 435HP
    Mileage: 496,076
    Transmission: 10spd no overdrive
    Ratio: 2.79
    Tires: 22.5
    Notes: The 5th wheel looks like it needs to be greased.

    Also we are looking at Freightliner Centuries and Columbia's. Would this set up get good mileage? All information is appreciated on who last owned this truck.

  2. broncrider

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    the model and gearing would lead me to believe its an x-USA truck.....a 9400 is internationals idea of a century...and alot of outfits use them

    im guessing here but i would say 5.5 to 6.5 mpg pulling a van 36' from the cab....but dont expect ride and creature comforts

    your friends sure look at alot of trucks

    and BTW.....just so you never look silly again....dont post this anymore

    Notes: The 5th wheel looks like it needs to be greased.
  3. tdb

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Contrary to the claims of many drivers, International 9400is are an excellent choice for an operation looking for solid equipment. I find that the interior's well laid-out, including gauge, switch, storage, and CB radio placement (the Eagle interior package can be quite nice, but the storage doors in the sleeper-berth model could be a little more durable -- EDIT: Also, disassembling the interior's fairly easy to route fresh coax, if you're installing a CB in an old truck ...properly, anyway); physical access to all areas of the truck is decent (accessing the engine, tilting the hood, climbing in behind to hook up air-lines, etc.); parts and service dealerships are numerous, though the body panels are often all single-piece, which is a problem if the driver is, well ...lousy. The cost of the acquisition's very appealing, as these trucks are no-frills equipment. Contrary to other drivers, I find the ride acceptable.

    However, I find they are less maneuverable than other makes like Volvo and Freightliner (this is particularly noticeable with the day-cab configuration); visibility's satisfactory, but sub-par compared to other makes (I say this as a P&D driver, who blind-sides often, mostly out of necessity); rubbing radiator hoses seems to be a common complaint; cab insulation is often unsatisfactory, especially in sleeper-berth models, and the interior noise levels can be deafening. Two years ago, I was driving an '02 9400i sleeper-berth tractor with a Detroit Series 60 and could hardly hear the radio when the engine was labouring, even slightly. However, I was recently assigned to a '00 9400i day-cab with the same engine, and find the interior noise level to be quite acceptable.

    As mentioned by the above user, average MPG isn't stellar. I tracked my MPG in an '07 9400i featuring a 450hp Cummins ISX, EF 13spd, 3.90 rears and 22.5 tires hauling TL payloads averaging 40,000lbs around the eastern seaboard, and averaged 5.7-6.1mpg.

    Would that spec get good mileage? It depends largely on the application. If it was a fleet-truck for an operation that consistently runs a specific type of load, then it's likely spec'd quite tightly and will under-perform in a different application. At a glance, it looks like a flat-terrain line-haul tractor that could be co-opted for P&D work. Any one else hazard a guess?
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    can any one tell me more about this truck????
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