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    Jun 27, 2021
    Irish American Love Story, Karma: Bad Health Hit's Old sick owner Operator, Who Keeps so many secrets, 100% sure the Company he'd worked for knew, as what isn't online these day's. His X wife, and kid's called Himself Dad, he abandoned, long ago. They found his picture on the Companies Facebook Page! After many years, of looking for him. His own Sibling's and Friend's Looked, for him! When his mother died, they called his "Crazy Love."
    Why'd she bother? He left them in the street, literally! No Home, No Car, No Nothing! He left with a truck he could never in a million years pay himself to repair, she was so crazy! "In Love" she was younger then him way back then. She pulled a loan to repair the truck he left her with. She was so very Crazy "In Love" she sold her home in the S. West and her H.D. Gave up, Her own semi truck also to move Mid West, where he was from. She bought a tiny farmette, started a moving business, got her own tax id number, her own authority, filed taxes for the 1st time, on business named after Himself, Her Love, only to find Darkness.
    "Crazy Love", would try again to make things right for Himself. Joke was on "Crazy Love" & kids, that called him DAD! He picked Thanksgiving right before Christmas, took the Truck she fixed and left them all behind in the street, youngest 5 year old, in 2008! during the housing market crash.
    "Crazy Love", she lost it! Her head and heart checked out on her, wasn't long after that she found out she had Cancer, It wasn't good! She'd have to have a Stem Cell Transplant, she had to keep on, she had to Live on, to raise the kid's who called himself Dad. Years had past, when she found himself on the company Facebook page. "Crazy Love" was Still Sick, she took him to court after all that time, just shy of 20 yrs, she'd stayed married.
    Why did "Crazy Love" hold on to finding him? She was still very sick with Cancer, The Kids were raised, and all. "Crazy Love" was no longer in Love with himself. So Why? He owed her a Legal Divorce, Her Fathers Name, the Dignity to die, with her father's name! He owed her, a comfortable death with food on her table and a roof over head! She needed to go, without the worry of being placed in potters field, She too was once a Professional Driver, She had lost herself and all she had earned herself in this world.
    After "Crazy Love" found him, and the court passed a verdict. Things seemed better, for a while, "Crazy Love" got a roof, she got a car, to see the doctor, she could buy food. She wanted to hold on to life, to see the last child graduate high school.
    Then "Crazy Love", Got a Call from himself, one night. She did not answer, as she was a sleep. The next morning she got his voice mail. Himself had a bad dream, he was worried for her. "Crazy Love" called himself back, he too was sick. Himself! He went to Hospital, then his phone no longer took calls, The Company he drove for, would say nothing to "Crazy Love". Maybe Himself be dead? maybe himself is sick in his head? lost to covid? maybe himself, just went away again? "Crazy Love" Me Lone, once again!
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    Later that year, the two had reconciled their marriage, himself and herself.

    Together, they decided to take to the high seas in a rickety sailboat named the Dingy Thingy and sail the Pacific Ocean. With only their new-kindled love and several rolls of Flex-Seal to keep their boat afloat, they embarked on a journey soon-to-be wrought with danger.

    The fourth day out they were struck by an Ovum whale that had launched itself out of the water smashing the starboard side as it came down.

    Having used the last of their meager supply of duct tape to make repairs, they knew that they were now doomed, all alone and listing in a sea of sharks.
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