Is It Worth It? (Dump owner/operator)

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    You can search the dump truck section lots of old threads answering the same question, but the basics are dump trucks work local and you can't afford to dead head 100 miles every day to get work and what ever somebody tells you about there area will probably not apply to your area.
    I know they all look the same but we do not work for the same rates or haul the same thing in my area I know owner operators working for 25$ an hour less than I do, we just added a 12% fuel surcharge that they are not getting from their broker I do a lot of sub haul work for brokers I have worked with for decades I also have my own customers.
    Buy a truck designed and built as a dump truck the cost of fixing a worn out truck is more than the payment on a new one and you should do most of the work yourself you cannot afford to have a dealer do a simple 4 hour repair that takes them 2 days to get to and charge you 700$ labor, in San Diego the KW dealer labor rate is 185$ an hour your area may be a lot cheaper but so is your rates. Yes I made good money as a single truck owner but nothing came before the truck or work and I only worked 1/2 days and I got to decide when the 12 hours started 6 days a week and sometimes Sunday
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