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    Jun 7, 2018
    Hello guys
    Proatar international 2010
    ISX CM871. Nothing deleted.
    Two weeks ago I got three codes
    Spn 5018 fmi 18
    Spn 5018 fmi 11
    Sid 380 fmi 11
    Everything was working good and I noticed my truck does not do regeneration at all. Triangle came on.
    I pulled over right away and found one wire that goes to DPF temp. Sensor was cut by stone. It was wire for temp. Sensor before DPF. I fixed that issue and changed two temp sensors. I kept driving for 2 days and triangle was still on. One of the codes went off and I realized truck started "regeneration "( I saw smoke under heavy load ) but triangle was on. I stopped and cleaned intake sensors and tubes. 200 miles after triangle went off , active regeneration started. It was good for four, five days than I realized it started doing active regeneration more often on my last trip. No codes no triangle. Next day I drove 300 miles and triangle come on again. Again No active regeneration.
    Sid 380 FMI 11 is back , active and "fresh". I see FMI 5080 FMI 11 is active but last time occurred is 4 days ago not of the day I got triangle or 3 days before.
    My question is : because I noticed "active regen" was going on for long is it maybe My doser pump was leaking ?
    It does not ask for parked regen.
    Any help or suggestions would be appropriate.
    Thank you
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