JERA TRANSPORTATION forth worth tx. Crazy people owners are scammers

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    Jan 11, 2023
    12019 egg store rd
    fort worth tx 76244

    9312 Brittlebrush Trl forth worth tx 76177

    1321 Ocotillo Ln forth worth tx 76177

    Alfredo & Carla owners of Jera Transportation who work under Ceva logistics will claim fake per diem on your check so they rob from the IRS with lies. Not only that but also make unauthorized deductions from your checks.
    You tell the owners over and over but they are in it to scam drivers.
    They also have their accomplice Isabel decide how many dependents you claim and decide what's your marriage status without you signing anything.
    Smelly truck with almost 400k miles but it's brand new they say.
    If anything happens that you breakdown or any problems arise while hauling their ceva loads they will be in Argentina and cannot be bothered. You will be ignored and played with.
    Their incompetent mechanic Enrique even though he is lazy and overweight and does anything he wants whenever he wants is a god to them. The owners practically kiss the feet of their single mechanic they have. Drivers are disposable to the owners even though drivers are actually the ones making them the money by risking their lifes and sleeping with one eye open to watch over their truck.
    Their mechanic left a truck sitting for days while chilling and having a good time. Even though he had everything to fix the truck.
    Mechanic has the luxury to charge the small 4 truck company bosses per mile on top of also the cost of repairs when he halfways fixes things by gluing things as they say.
    So the so called mechanic said I will be roadside to help you in an hour instead of you driving to the yard in Ft Worth. Meet me at this out of route location in Forth worth he said.
    It took him 4 hours to get there when he said 1 hour.
    No big deal I was taking a nap. It took me exactly 10 to 11 minutes max to get out of bed and drive around the block to find the mechanic.
    I am not kidding mechanic called nonstop in those 10-11 minutes. He exploded into a rage of having to wait very few minutes.Throwing parts on the floor from his truck and saying you fix it yourself! And giving threats of all kinds. No joke seriously he needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist.
    But the incompetent owners see him as the only mechanic available in the whole state of Texas. Practically licking his feet as their mechanic god of some sort.

    Their ceva loads as a sub contractor are dedicated but spotty. Ceva logistics has a call center in Houston if I recall correctly. They answer the phones at the entrance you need to pickup to enter and exit each of their yards in different states. Many times they have you repeat yourself several times then ignore you in which you have to press the button again to re communicate with them. And be asked the same questions over again.
    It's like they enjoy playing games with drivers and making them wait and ignoring them.
    So they can open the gate for you to enter or exit a facility. While watching you thru several cameras one being inches away from your face.

    <<<<>Their sister company is called genesis motor freight>>>>
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    How long did you work for them?
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    Their SAFER REPORT just screams "stay away for your own good".
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