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    Jun 19, 2019
    Good morning. I realize this is a small issue but it's a big problem lately worldwide and with our industry. And I'm really not a grouchy person. But when trying to log into my keep trucking site (the managers site, not the drivers app) it gives me a survey to take without anyway around it. I've let them know about it through multiple emails and I don't think it's right to pay for a service that holds your DOT records hostage and keeps you from working without taking a mandatory survey. They should have a click around, after all it's not a free service. If you disagree I understand it's what makes the world go around, but if you agree and it's ticking you off please email them whether you take the survey or not. Their answer was they'll forward it up, just take the survey. They have more information about my company than anyone else on the planet, I shouldn't need to waste more time telling them I'm an insignificant one driver/ one truck OO rodeo to get my records.
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