Kenworth T370 2018 Winshield wiper knob A/C flow adjuster knob

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  1. Towsrus

    Towsrus Bobtail Member

    Aug 25, 2019
    Where are the fuse boxes located on this truck? I have 2 switches not working. One is the blower switch for the heater/A/C. The other is the windshield wiper fluid switch. You have to push in the blade knob. I may be doing something wrong, or it is just a very sensitive button that barely pushes in.
    !. Can anyone help me find all fuse boxes?
    2. Does anyone have any suggestions about windshield wiper fluid not working? I checked power, no power going to it.
    3. A/C blower knob is not letting air flow adjust. The other 2 knobs on the panel work.
    T. Kershaw
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