Kevin Rutherford? Good info or not?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by 541johnson, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. 541johnson

    541johnson Bobtail Member

    Mar 3, 2012
    bend, or
    I'm fairly new to the industry, only have about a year under my belt so far. I was just curious what the owner ops on the board think of Kevin Rutherford. All of the info on his show seems to pass muster but I wasn't sure if he was really a fountain of knowledge, or just another driver that loves the sound of their own voice?
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  3. Dice1

    Dice1 Road Train Member

    Jul 1, 2011
    Bessemer City, NC
    Kevin Rutherford has alot of great advice, but all of us that follow him do not use all the products he endorses. His financial advice is sound and he does have alot of experience with trucking industry type book keeping.

    KR recommends to PP muffler, I prefer the Walker Megaflow mufflers that is also a straight thru muffler that is cheaper, but also has a 4 year warranty with it.

    KR recommends the Canadian made Duralite CAC, I prefer the American made copy VistaPro CAC that is cheaper and has the same warranty.

    You can always ask the questions here you need answered too!
  4. Oscar the KW

    Oscar the KW Going Tarpless

    May 19, 2011
    The one thing you have to remember is he is paid to endorse the products that he talks about frequently on his show. So before you go out and buy anything do your own research. Lots of great information here from lots of great people.

    Does he have some good ideas on running a profitable trucking business? Yes he does. He also has this mentality that we shouldn't be so worried about what we run for per mile, but what it costs us to run per mile. The only thing he is right about there is we should keep our cost per mile as low as possible. I used to listen to his show, but got sick and tired of hearing him tell callers you don't need to make $2 per mile, you can make all kinds of money at $1.10 per mile. To me that is probably the most foolish statement anyone can make regarding trucking. And yes, I do think he likes to hear himself talk.
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  5. skateboardman

    skateboardman Road Train Member

    Jan 14, 2012
    flatbed heaven
    last week i heard him with a caller, who was leased to landstar, congratulating him on getting his avg per mile loaded and empty up to 1.30 a mile. they had brought in "mentors" and such, and it was such a great accomplishment.

    if my avg was a buck thirty i would have a stroke. but he went on and on about his trucks with fed ex, so i guess the 1.30 fit what kevin rakes in at fed ex, the old mileage and fuel surcharge.

    some of his ideas financially are sound, but he does push certain products from sponsors.

    it seems much of his show is geared toward the " How the heck do i survive at 90 cents a mile plus fuel surcharge crowd" of folks .

    it seems his only answer is fuel mileage, driving around at 55, and using every thing he is sponsored by. and i guess if you dont get but a 1.30 that has to be your answer.

    a better solution is get 1.90 a mile on avg. and save fuel by driving at 63 to 65 , put on an apu. , lift that front axle on the spread when ya can( cost me 50 bucks to rig up my lift a ball valve and 2 ratchet straps) i raised my mpg by 1.7 miles per gallon doing just that and that alone. and i got a cat, upto 6.7 mpg

    on his website , he has some folks blogging about 9 to 10 mpg, but they have straight trucks.
  6. wichris

    wichris Road Train Member

    Jan 17, 2011
    Never have listened to his show(or any others) but is it possible when he gives a number of X/mile that it is the linehaul and fsc and acc is on top of it? 97% of what i do is with direct customers and i refer to rates on just the linehaul. Last week a 1000 mile load @2.50+fsc+4stops comes to 3410.00 yet i refer to the rate as 2.50 for 2500.00.
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  7. Cowpie1

    Cowpie1 Road Train Member

    Nov 25, 2008
    Kellogg, IA
    I think that is probably right, wichris. He stated just the per mile rate without FSC and incidentals. Even with a $.90 to $1 rate, once you tack on FSC, most are at $1.50, give or take. Whether that is a realistic amount depends on the operation and what costs are. That is where KR has some good advice.... how to keep the expenses down and manage your business. While many spend every waking hour on only the rate they are getting, KR is trying to also get people to think about the Net end of the equation. The other stuff he touts is hit or miss. Some of the products are good, some just separate you from your money, and some of the products have other brand counterparts that are just as good and less expensive. Dice mentioned that as well. Even KR and Bruce Malinson at Pitts Power do not see eye to eye on everything on how to modify a truck for best mpg and performance. But both offer some advice that can be useful.

    I guess the main thing you can benefit from KR's advice is by knowing your actual costs and how they break down on a per mile, per day, per week, etc basis is the only sure way to know if the rate you are getting is viable. I have seen people get rates of $2.50/mile, but their net is pretty low. I have seen others get $1.50/mile and have a decent net to show for it. It all depends on the operation and what the costs are. There is no one size fits all game here, and one rate for vans doesn't play well with flats, and a decent rate on a flat doesn't mean it is good for heavy haul / oversize. Each operation is different and one person's getting "ripped off" rate is a rate that is good for someone else.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2012
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  8. slick50

    slick50 Light Load Member

    Dec 30, 2006
    McKinney, Texas
    Here's my take on Kevin:
    All he says has truth to it, but his perspective is only one man's viewpoint.
    You have to educate yourself by listening to all viewpoints, then make your decisions. I have listened since he started and called in a few times (and got blown up also, back when he used to do that) and he has mellowed a little in his arrogance. But he will still jump to his knowledge and answer without first asking relevant questions concerning your operation. Case in point: incorporating your business. That decision should be made by you and your CPA, not a talk show host. He can speak in general terms, and has started too, but for many years has argued against it.
    Additionally, as previously stated, his products he 'endorses' might not fit your bill, but try and hear him give good info like the poster above about the Walker mega flow muffler...or any other 'competitor', won't happen. He gets kickbacks on his endorsements so of course those are the solutions that we hear about; not a consumer reports type of response.
    Knowledgeable, yes. Impartial, no.
  9. Krooser

    Krooser Road Train Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    When I had XM I used to scream at my radio when I listened to him... he sez some downright dumb stuff. If I wanted to listen to stupid comments I'd record myself and play it back.... :biggrin_25511:
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  10. BigBadBill

    BigBadBill Bullishly Optimistic

    Oct 2, 2010
    Chattanooga, TN
    Several things have turned me off of KR.

    First, he has created a title for himself, "Certified Master Contractor". Certified by who?

    Second, while I understand that he is a radio talk show host and he needs ratings to make money. He tells far to many people what to do with no information about the business. And he sneaks in product recommendations that he gets paid for giving. I lost it when he told a guy with a Volvo motor to get a Pits Power unit.

    Third, he recommends products he is paid to endorse - 3000d, air tabs, mircoblue. Enough said.

    OH, $1.30 numbers I heard on his show was To The Truck. Not before FSC.
  11. skateboardman

    skateboardman Road Train Member

    Jan 14, 2012
    flatbed heaven
    that right bill , it was 1.30 for loaded and empty miles fsc included. and they were right proud of that also.

    and most of the .90 cent a mile carriers are paying 42 to 44 at the moment for fuelsurcharge. and some pay no surcharge on empty miles

    wichris, you need to listen to his show, it ranks right there with blue collar comedy at times
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