Kicked Out By IdleAire???

Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by Pur48Ted, May 12, 2007.

  1. Burky

    Burky Road Train Member

    I believe that filing one case in the past is a history of filing. I was not aware that there was a minimum number equired. Regardless of the reasons for the suit, since most of the rest of us have never filed any lawsuits against any truckstops for any reasons, the concept is on pretty solid ground.
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  3. Truckin Juggalo

    Truckin Juggalo Medium Load Member

    Aug 5, 2006
    Madisonville, TN
    ive been reading all of these posts and it seems to be going back and forth and back and forth between idleaire having the right to the parking spaces where their crap is set up and us being tired...

    i have had them bug me twice in the last year about if I'm going to park here you need to shut off the engine i say ok climb back in my truck close the curtains and go to sleep the pound on the truck a couple times and i just stay in the sleeper and if they tow me because im not going to answer the door until after my 10hrs are up... and they give up 1st...

    how ever i also understand that i can be arrested for crimal trespassing as i found out last December when Wal-Mart threatened to call the police on me because i was taking my 10 hour break, keep in mind i am a 3rd party contractor to Wal-Mart through US Xpress as a dedicated employee, i also have a Wal-Mart ID Badge and a Wal-Mart Employee ID Number and so can idleaire call the police and have us arrested, How Ever should that happen i still have a Federal law on my side and if ooida wont support me i will go out and find a Sleazy lawyer who wants to make money because if i win i could stand to make alot of money

    lol should that ever happen this is a hypothetical after i win my court case (should i win) i am going to turn arround and Sue the State of New York for ticketing me during my 10 hour rest break for idiling and never have to drive a semi again! (god i wish that dream could come true)

    how ever i don't find OOIDA very useful even though im a member they can never give me any clear answer i did call them about my ticket in New York and they told me that theres no law talking about "Good Rest", or "Driver Comfort" and thats where my journey ended with OOIDA i tried to ask the guy who works in legal if there is a way OOIDA could help me change that and he answered no so i said ok and they told me the Same thing about Idleaire that there is nothing they could do for me, and were unwilling to work with me to change that... thats why i am letting my OOIDA membership expire its not worth it to keep it if they wont even entertain your questing even if thats all they do its just a waste of money for me

    this idleaire thing is the same as the no idling law it has never been contested and therefore will stay the way it is and if i ever win the lottery i am spending some big bucks to SUE! and make life better for drivers if i can its the least i could do that and i call and Email my congressmen and Senators weekly telling them to fix these problems for us we are bound by Federal Law to sleep and Criminalize by local government when we comply

    the law is too Grey and needs Definition (law pertaining to 10 hour rest) so we drivers can at least relax from the stresses of driving and not have to worry about if we will be ticketed because its 100 degrees or even 80 outside and you don't know if the State Troopers or local cops are going to ticket you for idling or your going to be arrested for parking in a truck stop at the only space available we should have the law on our side considering the dangers if we do not obtain a Recuperative Rest

    i mean this is whats running through my mind right now whats worse 1 IdleAire not making a profit off of us or a Tired Driver slamming into a Van Full of School Kids

    Idling our truck to stay cool during the day and warm at night or a Driver Dieing in his/her Truck because of Heat Exhaustion

    how can the the latter of both of these scenarios be Better?

    Why isn't OOIDA on our Side?
    Why isn't the ATA on our Side they preach about safety all the time
    Which isn't that other group i think its Mothers Against Tired Truckers (something like that) on our Side at least on this Issue

    How Can We Bring these Issue to Light? how can we show this to the General Public?

    What can i do and what can others do concerned with this Issue Do to make a Difference?

    Also i do have 1 last Rant about New York This one really gets me... WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE BELOW 25 DEGREES to be allowed to Idle our Trucks i thought FREEZING WAS 32 Degrees! are we different than normal people and require it to be 25 degrees to be Freezing Cold outside?! you know i was soo worried about idling in New York in January IT was snowing outside but my Temperature gauge was saying it was 31 Degrees and i was worried that i would be Ticketed because it wasn't below 25 and i was committing a Crime staying warm... thats all for now!
  4. Hill-a-billy

    Hill-a-billy Light Load Member

    Jun 3, 2007
    South Carolina
    If you look into many trucking groups, they are owned by companies. This could be the reason your looking for.:biggrin_25524:
  5. K.B.A

    K.B.A Bobtail Member

    Jun 11, 2007
    Bradenton, Florida
    I was all too curious when I saw your post. So I asked the TA im at this mornin in MN, there view about idleair. They said they cannot refuse any driver from parking in the lot unless its a fire lane or that kinda thing but idle air is here and they said they dont really like it when drivers park in I/A and dont use there services but cannot legally make them leave or even turn off there truck.....interesting:mmeek:What they did to you driver was just wrong..sorry that happened to ya.We have to legally break for 10 hrs, so if i get to a t/s late at night and i cant find any spots other than an I/A...Let em wake me up...Dont ever bug the fat girl while shes tring to get her beauty sleep.. hee hee:biggrin_2559: Good Luck and Drive Safe.
  6. finfan

    finfan Light Load Member

    Jan 24, 2007
    middle ga
    i hate talking about parking at all because it is so depressing.:biggrin_25511:
  7. WiseOne

    WiseOne Inactive contact bullhaulerswife

    Feb 8, 2004
    Truckers Report, TN
    I can see the dilemma here to be sure. I HAVE talked with IdleAire and they do not seem to want to explain themselves or try and get better publicity in here for some reason. I can understand how I wouldn't want to build million's of dollars worth of stuff only to not have it used, so what do you do...its a hard situation. IdleAire IS government funded, so maybe that is the problem right there, LOL. I'll keep trying to work with them, you all, and see what they say. I think the truckstop situation is a bad idea and IdleAire needs to be able to build separate spots off the freeway (like rest areas) since they are already government-funded anyway.

    That way, IdleAire would have it's OWN spot and drivers would understand more then...
  8. Pur48Ted

    Pur48Ted Road Train Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Grand Rapids, MI
    I agrere with you there. Truck Stop orginizations have been trying to convince states for years that there was enough "parking" and the states didn't need to fund rest areas. States have been dropping funding of rest areas since. Perhaps IdleAir could fund; then expand the parking in some Interstate Highway rest areas anput in I/A, like they did along the NYThruway. Or perhaps I/A can use some of their "Public Tax Dollars and purchase some land of their own.

    I just don't see the coorelation between parking in a truckstop (LEGALLY) and parking in your front yard. Besides; if you "quit", you just don't have a dog in this fight, anyway.

    The place I originally complained about was a PETRO, but interestingly, I have been told once (at the TA in Columbia NJ) that I 'couldn't park there' if I wasn't using I/A, and was told this week that I couldn't park in an I/A in Mt Vernon IL (again at a TA), even for just a short time while I showered and got some dinner. In BOTH cases, there was no other parking available.
  9. 2xR

    2xR Medium Load Member

    Dec 12, 2006
    Ol' North State
    Like every other service, or product, offered in our free market, if there is low demand, the producer folds. From what I witness at the IdleAire facilities I frequent, the demand for their services hasn't really blossomed as well as, I'm sure, they'd hoped. I can't help but survey the trucks parked in the IdleAire area as I walk or drive through the lots. I see many trucks parked, but few hooked up. They won't last long. Remember "Park 'n View"? Ancient history.

    Right now they're being propped up with government grants, and some investor dollars, and they're not really having to rely on service revenues, yet.

    No one has mentioned one of their primary investors. Let me introduce him. The Honorable Gentleman from Georgia, Newt Gingrich. If he bails, they're toast. He'll likely close the door to the government money when he leaves.

    Already, one of IdleAire's first East coast sites has called it quits. The old Anderson Truck Stop at I-85, exit 27 in SC has thrown in the towel. IdleAire has left the premises. In fact, they hurt the TS business so badly, I believe the TS itself has now closed.

    I won't hurt myself trying to not use an IdleAire TS, but given a choice, I won't buy fuel and food from a TS that sells it's parking lot to IdleAire. The P-lot in Newnan, GA and the P-lot and T/A in Baytown, TX come to mind. I used to fuel and feed at these stops often. IdleAire went up, and now I stay out. There are plenty of other facilities in the area.

    You NE drivers are just SOL. Your parking situation is just another reason I tore the entire NE out of my Atlas.

    Put market forces into play. If you like IdleAire, support them by using their services as often as possible. If you're like me, and think they are a waste of a good parking lot, then starve them out. Go down the street to fuel, eat, and buy supplies. Soon, they'll be gone.
  10. Burky

    Burky Road Train Member

    2xr has the correct attitude. I don't care for IdleAir, and have only once in the last two years fueled at a place that has one installed. In fact, I didn't know that they had installed a system since my last stop, or I probably would have gone to another fuel stop. I only patronize a stop that has an IdleAir if I need to use the Blue Beacon co-located on the property. In effect, I am voting with my wallet. While I am sure that it has not killed their business, I am sure that the wait staff at some of these places have lost money, since I can think of one stop where I often ate up to 3 times a week, and I have not been in their lot since they installed their system.

    But, at the same time, I recognize IdleAir's right to manage the property they are subleasing and if they set up rules that I don;t care for, I simply avoid them. I don;t park there anyhow and dare them to try to stop me, I don't threaten that I am going to find some lawyer and take action, I simply don't park my truck there, I don't buy dinner or do any other shopping there, i don;t recommend them to others, and I don't buy 4-500 dollars worth of fuel there. When the Idleair system is gone, then I will return to my old economic habits and patronize their business.
  11. jamwadmag

    jamwadmag Road Train Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Desert Southwest
    More and more areas are trying to limit idle times to 5 mins max. Unless all trk co.s start buying APU's (we have catalytic heaters for winter only), then a svce like Idleaire will be around!! Sad, but true! :biggrin_25516:
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