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  1. KeithT1967

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    Nov 12, 2008
    Springfield, Ohio
    You need to read the hos regs.

    Night stock boy at the local walmart isnt safety sensitive until you do 8 hours stocking right before you roll out in an 18 for the day.
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  3. dekeons

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    Jul 1, 2013
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    Schneider Dedicated Part-Time Truck Driver – Walmart | Flexible Scheduling | Bedford, PA

    Home Time:

    All CDL holders

    Requisition ID:

    This Dedicated part-time truck driver position features flexible scheduling with activity-based pay. You decide how much you earn and how often you are home. Dedicated truckers haul no-touch multi-stop loads for the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, and benefit from consistent miles within a primary travel area of PA, NY, VA and OH. It’s all about consistency when you join Schneider’s Dedicated division. By pulling freight for one customer, you’ll enjoy consistent freight, miles and paychecks. Start your trucking career!

    Eligible CDL Driver Applicants

    • Experienced truck drivers
    • New Class A CDL holders
    Truck Driver Pay & BenefitsPart-time CDL truck drivers are eligible for:

    • Activity-based pay calculated by mileage and stops
    • Flexible scheduling available
    • Paid orientation and training
    • 100% no-touch freight
    • Mobile communications platform - The latest in-truck technology with paperless logging, GPS navigation, web browsing, text-to-voice features, a color touch screen and a pull-out keypad
    • Company Facilities - Drivers have 24-hour access to company facilities with safe parking, showers, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and cafeteria services.
    • Military Apprenticeship Program - U.S. military veterans, Guard members and Reservists may be eligible to earn an additional educational benefit check from the VA (up to $1,266 per month)
    • No employment contract — we don’t lock you in, but you’ll want to stay

    Truck Driver Qualifications

    • Valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
    • Live within 75 miles of Bedford
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    Dec 28, 2012
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    I believe I have read the HOS regs quite a few times. I think in 24 years of driving with a perfect CSA score and numerous inspections I have a grip on it. Not to mention I owned my own trucking company and endured a DOT audit. Now having said that, I do believe that I mentioned that I don't agree with what the other posters said, I did not say they were wrong, I didn't say I was right. If you read the actual federal DOT HOS rules, not the abbreviated version you get in orientation, if you have a second job that doesn't require you to be under the HOS rules , then you do not have to log it. Second job making pizzas then go to a driving job, common sense will tell you that making pizzas is not under the HOS rules. Is it smart to work 8 hours making pizzas then go drive for 11 hours, no it isn't,, is it illegal or against the dot rules ,,, no it's not. Have a good day.
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  5. wetinkler

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Thanks for the insights. My other job probably does fall under "safety sensitive", but as I said, they never even got around to asking about it, so that probably wasn't it. I think they just need a bigger commitment than I'm able to give right now. I checked into the Schneider/ Walmart gig in Bedford, but they needed 3 days per week. I was hoping for one.

    I'm gonna try Quality Driveaway. Afterall, the tractor is the fun part, not the trailer!
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