Landstar flatbed or stay with fedex freight?

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  1. Fupayme

    Fupayme Bobtail Member

    Most landstar drivers I see are pulling Van's I already know those rates are mostly ####.
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  2. starmac

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    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    I do not know how a guy would go about getting an average, landstar has guys that does not make much and guys that do really well and guys every where in between, it depends on the oo, not landstar as to how well you do.

    As far as quitting your job, no one can tell you what to do there, a job a guy hates is not worth much to many of us, no matter what the paycheck is.
  3. FlaSwampRat

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    Jun 1, 2019
    Valrico FL
    I would say go for it if it's what you want to do. I retired early from UPS to go make much less money....was constantly told how stupid I was and I've never been happier. Like @F4T6UY said it's whatever is gonna make you happy. Follow your dreams my stupid son.
  4. EuropeanTrucker

    EuropeanTrucker Light Load Member

    Jun 15, 2018
    I’m linehaul driver too...and sometimes I do get an itch to do something else because linehaul can get boring.

    Do you prefer to sleep in bed everyday or in random truck stops? Do you enjoy weekends off? How about benefits? Insurance? Those are some of the questions I ask myself so I stay where I am at.
  5. Lepton1

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    Nov 23, 2012
    Yukon, OK
  6. Long FLD

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    Mar 4, 2015
    Murdo SD
    Do you want to buy a truck to be your own boss or do you want to do it only for the possibility of more money? The second choice isn’t a good reason to buy a truck.
  7. Banker

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    Aug 19, 2012
    EB67F61D-C7E1-491E-8CB6-0193B3A4E597.png I left UPS Parcel 8 years ago because I was tired of nights and kind of bored. There is more money out there in the trucking world, but you have to be willing to think outside of the box if you want to get it. Some owner ops can do better, but most probably won’t consistently. It is very nice now not being told what I am going to do, but asked what would I like to do. Priceless in my book.

    I am not at Landstar, but connected owner ops there who pay their dues can make more than I do. One of my better friends has payed his dues at Landstar and made the connections to get the direct freight that never hits the load boards. Good weeks he makes what I do, but does stay out more than I do.
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  8. Fupayme

    Fupayme Bobtail Member

    What do you pull? Where are you leased? You making out better than at ups money wise? I'm saving to buy my truck and trailer cash and I'm going to get a glider kit truck IF I decide to follow through with all of this. I'm going to look at a truck from Fitzgerald.
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  9. Fupayme

    Fupayme Bobtail Member

    Sorry I didnt click picture cars.... you made 15k in one week? Daaaaaamn lol
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  10. snowwy

    snowwy Road Train Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    That says TWO weeks.

    And he has to pay his own medical, 401k, taxes, truck payments, maint. fuel, etc.
    Those aren't listed.

    And that might not be consistent week after week. YMMV.

    The upside is, you are your own boss sort of. The downside. The grass isn't always greener.
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