Laptop teardown and reassemble.

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    Dec 17, 2010
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    Yesterday I had the house to myself and decided to do some much-needed repair work on my Dell laptop. The Optical drive Bezel was broken half off. A hinge cover had snapped in to. I also was noting some higher temps and wanted to blow the fan out right on the motherboard and replace the thermal paste. I am writing this to warn people to be VERY careful when doing this! I did get everything fixed, but in the process of separating the palm rest from the back case I broke off one of those bronze screw holders on the palm rest. These things can be a pain when they break and generally are not repairable. Also, most laptop motherboards have those ribbon cable attachment clamps! Break one of these and you are going to have a major problem. I am happy with the results, but that broken bronze screw holder has pissed me off!
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