Las Vegas sisters; From semi-truck drivers to restaurant owners

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    LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- For two young sisters from Eastern Europe, success came from behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, to opening a new restaurant in Las Vegas.

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    Dough House

    Axenia Cobzac is from a small village in Moldova. In 2012 she visited the U.S. as a tourist. She had one friend in Las Vegas at the time and decided to make her stay permanent.

    Four years later her younger sister Marina moved to Vegas. Axenia worked as a salesperson and other part-time jobs, and Marina worked as a kitchen prep.

    “After two years, I decided it’s not going to be enough, like I want something more and the money what I was doing even if I have two jobs it was not enough," Marina said.

    A friend of hers was a semi-truck driver and talked about the perks of being able to travel and make good money.

    “I was thinking, thinking and decided I may want to try too you know. He was laughing at me and he said you’re not going to make it you know it’s not so easy,” Marina said.

    Marina completed a three-week training course in Chicago. After that, she picked Axenia up in Vegas and they hit the road together in the winter of 2018.

    Axenia said she taught Marina how to drive a car when she first came to Las Vegas, and was nervous to upsize to a semi.

    “When she came I was really, really scared to be honest when I saw the truck," Axenia said.

    From there, they worked as team to overcome challenges big and small. As though driving through snow and rainy weather weren't challenging enough, they also needed to gain trust and prove to other drivers that they could do it.

    One month into driving, truckers at a rest stop called the police on them assuming they were not drivers, they said.

    "He was laughing, he couldn’t believe we were truck drivers you know," Marina said.

    After two months of driving for a company, the sisters purchased their own truck and started their own trucking company.

    They hit success fast. By the end of 2019, they owned three trucks. Today, their fleet has expanded to four trucks and three drivers.

    Now the sisters are starting a new venture together. In June they began the process of opening a new restaurant off Rainbow Boulevard and I-215 called Dough House.

    Marina will continue to handle the trucking company, while Axenia will focus on the restaurant. With big smiles, they're happy to take on this new challenge.

    Dough House is set to open on November 4th.
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