Lease truck or trailer, what would you pay?

Discussion in 'Lease Purchase Trucking Forum' started by sgtkrav, Jul 10, 2023.

  1. sgtkrav

    sgtkrav Bobtail Member

    Sep 1, 2013
    Puyallup, WA
    If you found a company that doesn't check credit, doesn't care how old your MC Authority is, maintanence is on you, no down payment, gives the option of long term lease, lease to own or short term rental. What would you pay to lease/rent a truck or a trailer monthly? What is a reasonable number that the average Owner Operator can afford these days?
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  3. bamanation

    bamanation Heavy Load Member

    Jan 22, 2009
    Muscle Shoals ,AL
    I wouldn’t go over $2500 including truck and trailer.
  4. Short Fuse EOD

    Short Fuse EOD Road Train Member

    Jul 29, 2015
    The answer would be determined by the revenue you are estimating from your business. That needs to be established before making a move. Otherwise his do you know you will be profitable. I guess this is what you are trying to figure out. No one here can give you a totally accurate answer without knowing your invoiced income and additional expenses. Also, what equipment are you trying to lease. Equipment is spec’s for the activity you are trying to perform. Many of us have different needs on equipment, and that may determine cost of leased equipment. Age, quality of equipment, type of trailers, weight of equipment, performance capabilities of power unit, etc…
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  5. HoneyBadger67

    HoneyBadger67 Road Train Member

    Dec 15, 2018
    Savannah, TN
    5yrs ago I bought this '08 T660. It was $50k at $850/mo. It's paid off and still running great. Had to replace the head (with all that entails) and transmission due to the fact it now has 1.7M miles on it. When head was replaced, all bearings were replaced as well and mechanic stated sleeves, pistons, etc al were in great shape. That was $14k. Transmission was a 13, input bearing went awol so I upgraded to an 18 with an air cooler instead of water. That was $8k.

    When I went independent I bought an 07 Mac 48' all aluminum flat. I know I paid too much because equipment was through the roof at the time. $27k financed at 6% equals $780/mo payment. Replaced crusty steel air tanks with shiny aluminum and put it in at factory to check for any broken welds/have one rub rail replaced. Say $8500 for all.

    The point of all this is: if you finance the equipment instead of leasing you can afford repairs because your payments are lower. I know a lot of LPs who have $1500/WK payments on just the truck. Now add in a trailer and think how hard you'll have to work just for the privilege of driving something that can be taken away after 2 bad wks.....
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