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    Aug 1, 2009
    I worked for this company in the Dover,florida terminal for 8 months.
    From the start there was trouble.They make statements like" We don't
    sit our trucks. We would rather sit our trucks at home than at truck
    stops. In truth I sat for a little as 2 days to as much as 8 days at truck
    stops waiting for my next load. In my last month of working for them
    I sat 19 out of 30 days at truck stops. The dispatch system is a mess.
    If you deliver a load to VA,DE,MD,NC You have to call the Virginia terminal
    Problem is there is no Virginia terminal.It's a woman in an apartment
    who is trying to keep up with things. Lessors believes they are paying her
    to much,so they won't find her any help,which she needs.At times she has
    60 drivers or more in her area. If you deliver to SC,GA,FL,TX,
    MS. You have to call the Florida terminal in order for your next load
    If you deliver to NJ,NM,OKLA,ILL,IND,ME,NH,AND MO. you have to call the Eagan,MN terminal. In all the years that I have been driving I have never
    seen a dispatch system like this one.Normally you call your home terminal
    for your next load. The corporate office is at the Eagan terminal.
    If you are single Beware of a guy named BRIAN. He's gay and
    has no problem telling you this. His job is part recruiter part HR and
    Part trouble maker. When confronted with a serious problem his only
    response is " TRUCKING, IT'S THE NATURE OF THE BEAST... After I left
    this company he called and harrased my family several times. The
    harrasment stopped after i threatened to file a sexual harrasment
    lawsuit against him and lessors inc. I was lucky because i found a local
    driving job shortly before quitting this company. Be very weary of
    this company and this guy.
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    Jan 7, 2009
    Elevator Bay, Minnesota
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    Oct 6, 2008
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    I was thinking of going to work here a while back, thanks for the warning. Yeah that "we don't sit our trucks" BS can be taken right off their website. The main reason I would never work there is like so many other companies they act like they're really doing you a huge favor by getting you 2 days or less off every two weeks.
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    Jul 21, 2009
    Sarasota, Fl
    O.K., I spent about 9 months with Lessor's out of the Dover, Fl. branch...

    They honestly aren't all that bad - yes, they do have a messed up dispatch system I'll say that, and yes, the Virginia dispatcher could use some help but she always did right by me I have to say...

    I never heard of or saw Brian do a single thing out of line sexually or any other way for that matter... he might not have been the most talkative person on earth but he wasn't exactly hard to get along with either... I got the feeling this guy was under so much constant pressure to keep everything going right he couldn't spare the energy or brain cells to B.S. around or talk with anybody but the people he was over directly day in and day out... personally my take is he has WAY too much on his head everyday...

    As far as sitting... well, yea, there is entirely too much of that going on there but I suspect that's going on with most companies these days... Their biggest problem is wanting to route their trucks through the Eagan, Minnesota terminal for no obvious reason and they will let the truck sit in a given location when you're in the central part of the country until they find a load coming very close in to the Eagan terminal... never made a lick of scense to me but hey, I don't own the company, right? If there were a good reason for bringing it there I could understand it, but if there is a good reason they never saw fit to explain it to anyone that I know of.

    As far as the individual Dispatchers... like any company there are several really good ones and a couple others I wouldn't give water to if I found them in a desert dying of thirst... again, that's going to happen in most any large company.

    Their equipment is very good, and they keep it up...

    All in all I would have stayed if they hadn't let the truck sit for so many periods at a time, as a rule they never tried any payroll scams on me, always paid as it should have been, but on the other hand they want the driver to pay to send in their paperwork - 1st company I ever saw charge the driver to send in company loads paperwork??

    I mostly decided to leave Lessor's simply because I desparately wanted to be with my wife and young daughter more and that just can't happen in an OTR company... I live in Sarasota, Fl., it's been 3 months now and I'm STILL looking for a local or straight out and back type job, no luck so far!! Paul F.
  5. trainrobber

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    Oct 4, 2009
    Holiday, Florida
    Presently a employed driver, but actively seeking local driving job near Tampa, Fl. area. I'am leaving Lessor's because of Management attitude toward me, and other drivers. No respect at all! I do understand the economy is in the "dumper", however, I was told by two persons in Safety dept. and2 people in management, and the owner of company this order. "You need to get your miles up". And, "You need to be agressive and demand loads from the dispatchers". Also, the owner, said directly to me, "Until you get your required 9,250 miles per month up, your truck is a slip-seat truck".

    The company policy for damage is: YOU, pay for any damage to truck, caused by you. This even applies to tires on truck needing front axle alignment. A driver, instructed to report to terminal, on days-off by Brian (Gen Manager) to be shown a steer tire was worn-badly. Brian told driver "this is your fault". A replacement tire was installed. After and before payment to company, the driver showed shop the replacment tire, had also been in same condition as previous tire. Result: driver had to PROVE to the compayt, tire damage, NOT fault of driver.

    Company policy: YOU the driver, are financialy responsible, for shipment to company, for all bills of lading and load settlement papers, to be in terminal on time, once a week. I have a "warning letter" in my file for a "failure".

    I had to pay for front bumper on a Frtlnr/ Cascadia. I ripped the ENTIRE, and MOUNTS, bumper off this truck. I'm NOT the only driver at Lessor's to do so. I did this AFTER, making these deliveries. A 8:00 am: 10:00 am: 12:30 pm: 8:00 pm: 04:30 am. At 04:45 am while needing more room to pull-ahead, and back in dock for delivery, I pulled forward onto a 6 inch curb. When coming off 6 inch curb, I ripped entire front bumber off the Cascadia. Result, I had $700.00 deducted from my paycheck. Some of you drivers may say, "it is your own fault". My answer is this. Ask a driver who HAS driven a Cascadia. In the Florida terminal, 15 bumpers were replaced in first 6 months of this year.

    I came into terminal at 1:00 pm., talked to dispatch, he said no load until tomorrow. Wet into drivers area, sat down and was drinkin a cup of coffee. Within 3 minutes, I was taken out to my truck, by Brian (Recruiter) and the company owner. While us three were standing at front of truck, owner said, "you have a dirty truck, get that trash off the dash". I informed the owner, "that is not trash, but it is company property. It is company forms and bills of lading for deliveries I have completed, and ready to turn into billing" I was instructed to "remove that, from dash, and place in cabinets". To which, I complied. I was then told, "you are not getting the required 9,250 miles per month". I said" dispatch me some more loads". To which, the owner said, " until you get your miles up to 9,250 miles per month, your truck, is now a slip seat truck, you are unassigned to a truck". Go figure!!

    For the last 1 1/2 years, I have been repeatedly told to "get more miles". And to which I replied, " dispatch me more loads to deliver" Now, I am "at fault" for NOT getting "more miles". My truck is now a --- slip seat truck. "My fault" Still want to work for Lessor's, Inc.?

    Anybody else, have a similiar experience?
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    Jul 26, 2009
    wow sounds like a weird bunch the thing is why would you work for an outfit that treats you that way?
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    So you're sitting in the drivers lounge drinking coffee, while your completed trips paperwork is sitting on your dashboard. Guess you're not in any hurry to get paid. Curbing tires is a no-no. Breaksdown the sidewalls and fudges up the alignment. (And pulls bumpers off too,right?)
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    Oct 4, 2009
    Holiday, Florida
    Posting rules, prohibit my reply, to a "know-it-all". Trainrobber
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    Oct 4, 2009
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    Another,"multi-million miler" heard from. Trainrobber.
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    I can tell you most of this stuff is untrue. They have lots of freight going west. Yes, they have east coast freight. They constantly update their equiptment. The shop in Eagan is first class. Drivers have been called out for being slobs, and thats a good thing. There are some problems with the Florida terminal, these guys are not the brightest. All in all, Lessors is one of the better companies out there. Sometimes you sit, its a fact of life. BUT, some drivers could not be trusted to deliver loads on time. Purdue has a list of Lessors guys who wont do the job. And Brian is NOT gay, hes got a wife and a new baby. Most guys just refuse to work. Thats why they are crying. I've averaged 3000+ miles a week, sometimes a hell of alot more. If uou do your job at Lessors, you get good loads. If you don't, you dont get good loads. It's as simple as that.
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