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    Aug 25, 2009
    LINK AMERICA EXPRESS in LAKELAND FLORIDA IS A BAD DEAL. DON"T DO IT! First of all they just bought Gene Hyde trucking in Lakeland and kept all of Hydes employees. There is a lot of anymosity from these employees in the transition. This is causing a lot of incompetence in the system. Orientation pays 50.00 a day if you make the cut,if not, you get nothing for 4 days of your time.Except a bus ride a crappy motel. They bring in drivers for Physicals, THEN, they run dacs and do background checks. Now they start eliminating drivers, I MEAN GOOD DRIVERS. Who are willing to work for 22 cents per mile plus per diem. 1970s pay. If have any little, And I mean little, discrepency in job history, medical, fender bender, In the past ten years. You wont make the cut. They think they are U.P.S. or something? Drivers that do make the cut are parking there trucks and quitting left and right. One week $500,next week$300 next week $200. They are not consistant in pay at all. You will Haul water or recycled paper or plastic. small dollar freight, small dollar pay. They act like it is a privilage to work for them, but, they dont realize, YET, they are LUCKY to have good qualified drivers approaching them. And upper manangement Doe'snt Even realize there office personnell are letting GOOD DRIVERS GO during there joke of a orientation process, They are rude and uninforming during this process. THEY are having a large turnover of office personnell throughout ther entire U.S. System. There safety instructor in Oklahoma thinks he is god. Who would'nt know the SMITH SYSTEM if it ran him over. He tells his wife on her way out the door,enjoy the accident party today on your way to work,cause, he feels he has to cut down his own wifes driving. He used to be a Truckdriver himself, but He's just like an exsmoker who hates smokers.The shuttle vehicle from the Motel to the terminal is a 1970 whatever Mercury Marquis LOL. And at the end of the day you are shuttled back to the motel in a Kia because the driver has now ended her day and is taking you in her personal vehicle. (from what I remember she was a nice gal) You get NO RESPECT as a driver AT ALL with these people. Finallyl! I made the cut. I drive for these idiots but, not for long. After what I am witnessing and getting payed I will not do this much longer. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! DO NOT DRIVE FOR THESE PEOPLE!:biggrin_2551::biggrin_25513:
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