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Discussion in 'Motor Carrier Questions - The Inside Scoop' started by Marinegreen1775, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Marinegreen1775

    Marinegreen1775 Light Load Member

    Dec 26, 2007
    Denver, CO
    Hi gang, I am back, it has been a while as I have been running a lot of miles. I also just did a lease purchase with Lisa. A 2008 volvo with 32 miles on it. That is thirty two miles. Still had the plastic on the seats. I ran 1 week so far as an O/O and I am trying to scan my paycheck onto here but i am not sure how to do it. I got 4200 miles and after all expenses paid I got 2100.00 - 500 for the advances I took to out fit my new truck with a gps, sirius and xm radio, new high power cb and a detatiling.

    I am getting paid, getting miles, and I have the best fleet manager on the planet. I have been running pretty hard so I took the last couple days off. I already have a load ready to go.

    Lisa is still the company I want to be with. I am able to take care of my family and my truck. I am going on month 5.

    Stay safe and keep the rubber side down and between the ditches.
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  3. Bigray

    Bigray Road Train Member

    Nov 23, 2007
    Tampa, Florida
    Hey marine, congrats on your first truck and G/L.

    keep us all informed of how its going

    perhaps you can post your weekly or monthly miles / gross / expenses for all to truly see if we could benefit going that route as well.


  4. hounddawg454

    hounddawg454 Bobtail Member

    Apr 22, 2006
    freightliner USA
    4200 miles with a net of 2100.00 wow thats is good........ a little too good check your statements close!!! I know a lot of those programs don't charge for fuel and truck payment for the first two weeks. I wish you all the best.
  5. Grinnbearit

    Grinnbearit Bobtail Member

    Hey Marine,

    Good to hear that You're making good miles with Lisa. As a Fellow company Driver I got stuck in the northeast for the weekend. You know its not the dispatchers making the decisions there but, it certainly does not feel good to know that you are missing out on 1500 miles after you just ran 1800. I got a chance to talk with an o/o in the FTW YD before I started my trip he runs a west alot. Its produce season so it makes sense. Do you run that a lot because it seems that most comapny drivers run east while the o/o and some c/d's run west.
  6. hollywood1

    hollywood1 Bobtail Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    phoenix, az
    Hey marine
    I'm about to submit an app with lisa and just wanted to know the specifics on the lease and family ins. Etc.
  7. lonewolf4ad

    lonewolf4ad Road Train Member

    Nov 4, 2008
    Displaced to Colorado
    Hey Marine, glad you're happy with the lease program. There is no way I would run lease with a company though in this economy. I am guessing that is 1 of the trucks they sent a message out about a week or 2 ago for new people wanting in? Also did you get the message about the produce loads?
  8. steelersfan

    steelersfan Medium Load Member

    May 9, 2009
    Never got that message!!!!!!
  9. usedtire

    usedtire Light Load Member

    May 15, 2009
    I like reading post like this,not all Trucking Co,s are bad,I always believe hard work pays off at the end,with safe driving.Keep it up,post back again.
  10. lv gn

    lv gn Heavy Load Member

    Jun 23, 2008
    las vegas nv.
    you got all that for $500.00?? did you buy used or something?
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