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    Apr 19, 2007
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    List of Truck Stops - Free WI-FI Internet access

    Here are the Truck stops and Rest Areas that offers free wifi internet access
    I 'd like to make a complete list of it
    Please add to the list if you know any truck stops or Rest area


    Holbrook Truck Plaza, Holbrook, AZ; I-10 exit 292

    Oasis Service Area I-294 Hinsdale, O'Hare (except Lincoln)
    Oasis Service Area I-90 Belvidere,Des Plains
    SAPP Bros Truck stop Peru Il

    Platteau Travel Plaza: I-40 Exit 320 Crossville, TN ( DQ restaurant)
    North 40 Truck Stop at Exit 126 on I-40 in Holladay, TN

    Big Cabin T/S I-44 Exit 283 Big Cabin (super8)
    Citco T/S I 94 & 69 Checotah (Americas best value inn)

    Flying J T/S I-81 Exit 219 New Milford , (Hiex)
    SAPP Bros T/S Clearfield

    New York
    Walton T/S I-87 Exit 16 Walton ( Scotty's Restaurant)
    All Service Areas on NY thruway I-90, I-87

    Kum & Go Truck Stop: I 90 Exit 426, Park city
    Kum & Go Truck Stop: I 94 Exit 138, Miles City
    Crossroads Truck stop : I 90 Exit 96, Missoula (Inn)
    Muralts T/S I-90 Exit 96 Missoula (Muralts Restaurant)
    Hood T/S I-44 exit 61

    Citco T/S I-90,I-94 Exit 89 Mauston WI (super8 moustons8)
    Golden Rule Travel Plaza I-94 Exit 88 Osseo WI (

    North Dakota
    Rest Area on I-90
    Rest Area on I-90

    SAPP Bros T/S I-80 exit 370 Cheyenne WY (sapp bros)

    Mobil Truck Stop, Grand Rapids, MI; US 131 exit 75 (76th Street)

    Greenwood Rest Area on I-20

    44 T/S I-30 Exit 44

    Ludlow service plaza Mass Turnpike I-90 Ludlow (Honeydew coffee)

    SAPP Bros T/S Salt Lake City

    SAPP Bros T/S Denver

    SAPP Bros T/S Sydney
    SAPP Bros T/S Ogallala
    SAPP Bros T/S York
    SAPP Bros T/S Odessa
    SAPP Bros T/S Columbus
    SAPP Bros T/S Lincoln
    SAPP Bros T/S Omaha
    SAPP Bros T/S Fremont
    Shoemachers I-80, Lincoln NE

    SAPP Bros T/S Junction City

    SAPP Bros T/S Council Bluff
    SAPP Bros T/S I-29 & 2 Percival Neb City

    Rest Areas on I-20 I-35


    Big Truck stop Hwy 17 Pembroke
    Husky Truck Stop (Restaurant) Courtney park Dr &410 Mississauga (Super8)
    Esso Gas station: London Line, Sarnia 402 &40 (Linksys)

    Granby A10 Exit Restaurant (Front of Ultrama)
    Ultrama A 20 exit 152 St Helene, PQ Ultrama ( Days Inn)

    Road King Truck stop : Barlow Trail Calgary (roadking)

    British Columbia
    Husky Truck stop: Trans Canada Hwy, Golden
    Esso T/S Trans Canada Highway Chilliwack Super8 Restaurant & Lobby
    Husky Wagon West T/S Hwy 5 exit 290 Merritt
  2. Burky

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    All the rest areas in Iowa have wireless internet available as far as I know.
  3. 25(2)+2

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    Sep 18, 2006
    the road less travelled
    It's free for the first half hour, peak usage makes it almost unusable at times but it does work most times. I'm not sure how much it costs after that.

    Freightliner Dealerships have free wi-fi anywhere I have checked.
  4. Truckinik

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Hamden (NewHaven), Ct.

    No sir, Your mistaken about that. Triad, Freightliner, in Greensboro, North Carolina, does not have any type of wireless feed. There are a few more I've been to also, that are the same. There's one just north of Dupont, Pa. I forgot the name of the town, but they don't have it. Neither does the one in Jeffersonville, Indiana. I know for a fact, that if you are not plugged into the wall, in any of these dealerships, you aren't getting on line, no matter what you try. I've been stuck at every one of these places, at some point or another, just in the past few months alone, for some reason or another. I've never been able to connect to anything when I was at any of them. Unless I asked a sales person, to loan me one of the vacant desks, and plugged my 'Puter directly into the wall.
    I had a Broadband card, for a little while, but it broke, and I've been to busy to send it back for a new one.

    Just a little FYI..: FLT, GIVES NOTHING FREE.

    So help them if they ever offer anything for free. Aside from poor workmanship, and generally, poor business practices, and attitudes. I own a fleet, and deal with a lot of FLT dealers..They are a waste, and one worse than the other. Sometimes though, you don't exactly have a choice, but to go to the dealer.
  5. Varmit

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    Jun 13, 2007
    Hey there. So if I catch your drift, you're implying that Freightliner isn't gonna be a good purchase when customer service and repairs are concerned?

    Interested in the subject. I have driven F.L.'s columbia and will be driving a century class soon. But I also have some experience in a couple of old Pete's.

    Seems to me that KW is the way to go. But I'll let you weigh in.


  6. Varmit

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    Jun 13, 2007
    So on to the Thread's main topic... What is the current updated list of free wi-fi?

  7. Pur48Ted

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    Jun 14, 2006
    Grand Rapids, MI

    ALL Bossleman's (Franchised to Pilot) offers FREE WiFi.
    Holbrook Truck Plaza, Holbrook, AZ; I-10 exit 292 offers FREE WiFi
    Mobil Truck Stop, Grand Rapids, MI; US 131 exit 75 (76th Street) offers FREE WiFi (Apparently NOT Free) Updated Aug 22, 2007
    Shoemachers I-80, Lincoln NE offers FREE WiFi
  8. RedBeard

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    Jan 12, 2006
    Chattanooga, TN
    Do you mean the Hopi Travel Plaza (Conoco) at exit 292 on I-40 in Holbrook, AZ? I was there the other night, parked on the row closest to the west end of the building, and couldn't get a signal. I stopped there for the night because my truck stop guide said they had wi-fi....
  9. 25(2)+2

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    Sep 18, 2006
    the road less travelled

    Sadly he is right, some dealerships in some areas do but definitely not all, the first three dealerships I was stuck at did have it, Laredo, TX, Morton, IL, and Knoxville, TN, I thought did, but not sure about that one. I don't remember if the one in Indy had it or not, there was lots going on there and I didn't bother with my laptop even though I had it there.

    Truck Country does not have free Wi-Fi, they do have Wi-Fi but wouldn't acknowledge having it.
  10. 25(2)+2

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    Sep 18, 2006
    the road less travelled
    The general consensus is that Kenworth has the best dealerships overall, but if you buy a used Kenworth with a Detroit diesel, you'd best be prepared to get the engine work done where they have the parts and service. If you need service and the dealer sucks, there are independent shops that do service work and repairs, there are also some FL dealerships I like, Harrison by Waterloo IA, and River States north of Lacrosse, WI are two. Cat engines are best serviced by Cat dealers. We have a Cat dealer in northeast Iowa, about 20 miles from here.
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