live coverage for the Atlanta, Georgia snow / ice storm ...

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    UPDATE ...

    18:59 Hours, EST Monday, 10 January 2011 ...

    oops ... well they had been covering the snow / ice storm live for most of the day. However, they just went off the air until 22:00 Hours tonight. But you can still get information from the website.

    UPDATE ...

    19:16 Hours, EST Monday, 10 January 2011

    They have taken off the Fox Channel live feed from Times Square, NYC and have put on Live VIPIR weather radar for the upper half of Georgia.
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    Here is the link for the state DOT's web site -

    Also, when you are in Georgia, you can dial 511 from your phone for current road conditions.

    That being said, here it is Wednesday morning and most of metro Atlanta is still pretty much closed. They have been able to keep one or two lanes open on most of the interstates, but frequent accidents are closing the roads for several hours at a time.

    I-75 North of Atlanta thru Marietta, I-20 West of Atlanta and I-285 on the south side of Atlanta have been particularly troublesome - they have all been completely closed for several hours at a time over the past few days.

    Secondary roads are being cleared as they can, but the Interstates are keeping the crews so busy that many of the surface streets are still untouched.

    It's sunny and windy today and although the temps are still below freezing the roads are slowly getting better - by this afternoon, major roads should be much better. If you have a stop in ATL, watch those side streets for a while longer, we are not supposed to get above freezing until Friday.
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