LME Just closed the doors

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  1. SidewaysBentHalo

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    Jun 19, 2016
    Sorry for those affected. I had considered applying with them months ago. Seen their trucks all the time in my area.
  2. mikeler

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    Heck I was doing my peddle route from rock island terminal and told to come back. Been working 60hour weeks about 1300 miles weekly and very good money. What is kinda strange is we were super busy and trailers were full of freight.
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  3. Western flyer

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    Mar 13, 2014
    Now I remember.
    This is the company that let
    The number employees get below 100.
    Then immediately shut the doors.

    So they didn’thave to report anything
    To the government.
    Kicked all the union drivers to the curb.
    Then opened up right across the street
    Non union, with the same name, and
    Same people working in the office.

    They could have faked it a whole
    Lot better than they did.
    They might have pulled it off.

    At least move 500 miles away where
    Nobody knows who you are.
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  4. last I seen the Lakeville motor Express there was nothing left but a bunch of scabs. The Lakeville MinnesotaExpress that people remember from back in the day.. it was a union outfit they went non-union and screwed everybody over

    they tried to do what they did with monson back in the day m o n s o n they were a union outfit the union got booted out and it wasn't a matter of time till monson cease to exist too.

    ..change quite a few years back up there outside of the Twin cities..
    I think I seen was Estes or some ltl for a while jerking their trailers around.. I believe what you were seeing of lme was a basically non union company reform division but not the company that it once was. I could be wrong but that's what I thought
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  5. mikeler

    mikeler Bobtail Member

    Kinda new to trucking and lme hired me. worked 2yrs here and they were paying $25 plus hour,Good and bad here. The good is I learned the trade with a perfect driving record and the bad is they just stiffed every driver 3 weeks pay. Nearly $4500.00 plus all PTO . Did not know about all the previous stuff that this company has done in past. Have feeling they will just reinvent another company and repeat process.
  6. not right away but the probably lay low for a little while but I'm sure they will..
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  7. mikeler

    mikeler Bobtail Member

    Have to check the laws here in Illinois to see if we drivers can get some of our pay for work performed. Filing for unemployment. Heck I hope I can get that.
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  8. Digman943

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    Mar 17, 2016
    Hope you guys get your money owed! Sorry to hear your out of a job and the way it all went down.
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  9. nmms

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    Finish Line Express is not and has never been a "part of" LME. There is no common ownership. FLE remains open and will service its customers as it has always done despite losing a large customer, LME.
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  10. BJW

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    May 19, 2007
    Modesto, IL
    We had a FLE trailer show up at 308RVT once. So you here to do some damage control/promote FLE lol
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