Looking for a co-driver in Greater Cincy N. Ky area

Discussion in 'Drivers Looking for a Team Driver' started by briarhopper, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Mar 9, 2013
    Frankfort, KY
    My co-driver quit tonight, just as we were getting ready to leave. I work for a contractor out of Nashville TN pulling doubles for FedEx out of their N. KY terminal in Independence KY. The route is to Sidney NE. Paid miles is about 1147 at $0.55/mile. The schedule is one long week (Tue-Sun) and one short week (Wed-Sat). We leave N.KY about 5-6pm eastern and get to Sidney about 3pm mountain time. We meet another team running out of Utah and swap trailers at a truck stop --they take ours and we take theirs and run back to N. KY. If everything is on schedule it takes about 15 minutes and we're headed back. On the short week we do two round trips...on the long week three. Trucks are International automatics governed at 65mph. Sleeper has a memory foam mattress--pretty comfortable. Looking for another driver who has a sense of fairness about sharing miles and other non-paid duties equally like cleaning out the truck, building/breaking down the set, and keeping up with the unavoidable paperwork. Male or female, old or young, etc doesn't matter. I'm 61. I smoke, so you should either be a smoker or a non-smoker who doesn't mind. I do crack a window and I use an ashtray but I smoke pretty heavily. If interested, contact Greg at grobin5073@yahoo.com or cell # 502-319-2147. If you call, I don't answer numbers I don't recognize--leave a message and I'll call you right back. Or you can text.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.