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    Nov 13, 2021
    Northwest Indiana
    Hello everyone,

    We are company located in northwest Indiana, close to Chicago, right of 80-94 in Gary, Indiana.
    We are 18 years in business, under same name.
    We have our own yard, service shop and offices.
    For company drivers we can pay up to 70 cent per every mile of driving. Depends of experience, but 6 months is at least to have it. We can guarantee 3000 miles per week.
    For teams, we can pay up to 80 cent.
    Owners with us can make up to 12k per week if they like to drive, something normal now is 10k for sure to take home. Our fee is 12%
    Some of our dispatchers are with 15 years experience and also truck drivers before.
    Nobody less than 5 years in dispatch.
    100% no-touch freight.
    Payments every friday for everyone.
    Late models of trucks.

    Thanks for interest,
    Call or text us back with any questions at 646-512-0306.
    All the best.

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