Looks Like Ya'll Got Sold Again.....

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    Another change is this, when your assigned another truck due to yours needing major work at dealer, or time up for trade in, they only pay you appx .20 to .22 cents a mile to drive the rental vehicle from place of change to the new truck. This is a change from the past of making your full regular rate per mile for same in the past. So 400 miles YOU Get 80 bucks...All about reductions!!! And miles are so screwy lately I just meant another driver today when picking up an mty, he was taking a lotta stuff outta his truck, so I stopped and asked him, said he was quitting and turning his truck in. Also said taking it to Joplin but they won't give him a bus ticket to get home with....so deliver the truck to Joplin, and say your peace...lol...this is NOT a return to CFI!! They just keep getting stupider, more drivers quitting, don't wanna listen, than pay the price a keep losing
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    The truck load still has plenty of CFI stuff, but your 100% right they did rebrand the LTL stuff good goodness though they did a crap job rebranding the LTL stuff awful. I sent @Bob Dobalina a question about the rebranded LTL equipment and it was true they did do a half baked job on the rebrand. I'll tell you right now Leeland James would have never stood for that.
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