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    Why don't you just get into a company sponsored training program like swift or something? You have to start somewhere.
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    Don't give up on the WIA assistance, you need to follow up with this, and if you don't like their answer, kick it upstairs. Meanwhile, talk to the local schools and find out what financial aid you can qualify for, even if it's a loan--most companies that hire new students offer tuition reimbursement. And many will bring you to them via a bus ticket, put you up in a room, and train you.

    Never give up, never surrender!
  4. alone

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    I was trying to keep it as anonymouse as possible but at the same time legit enough someone would accept it. I'm not looking to interfere with someones personal life or anything that's why I just wanted really basic info, like first name. Joe, from New Jersey who works for Fluffy Cat Carriers Inc. for 8 years.

    If the WIA falls through that will likely be the path I take. I'll be headed to the DMV to get the CDL permit taken care of next week since I will have time. I had considered going to somewhere like Prime for the CDL. Not sure about the details with them though as they don't have a training facility here in Ca. and I wasn't able to find proof of what is required to transfer a Missouri CDL to Ca. (or any other state to Ca. for that matter).

    As I mentioned before, the first interview was canceled. Although, someone had rescheduled the panel interview for Tuesday without telling me. It was by sheer luck that the receptionist said "We will see you tomorrow", and I was like "wait, why?".

    I went to the panel interview tuesday. It was with a counselor I had seen before and a new lady. The interview went alright, it was just more basic questions, most of which I have answered either in previous paperwork, or in person with a counselor. They tell me though I do not have a case for getting the funds since I have training in another field- this was something I had worried about from the beginning. I wrote them a letter that basically spelled out my situation from a to z but it went mostly unnoticed, infact I'm not sure if anyone had actually read it in its entirety, although I handed them a second copy the day of the interview. Part of the problem is, there are several people that handle this from several different departments. While it is a somewhat small outfit, there is not a great deal of collaboration as far as I can tell so stuff slips through the cracks.

    So they want to know why I cannot continue working in my previous fields, and why I can work in the truck driving field. This is requiring at least a few things more from me.
    One is a note from my doctor.
    Two is an informational interview from someone in the automotive field.
    Three is an informational interview from someone in the trucking industry.

    I went in today but my dr is gone this week so I just left the info I needed with a receptionist. I got a call back at the end of their day saying I will need to make an appointment to get the note after all. So it will be sometime next week before I can get that. Bummer.

    They also want some information regarding the physical duties of truck driving and of automotive work. I was able to contact a guy I met sometime ago that owns a reputable auto repair shop. We talked for a couple minutes, he signed off on the paperwork and attached a business card so hopefully that will tie up that loose end. Tried turning that in today to see if its what they want but the counselor was out of the office when I went by. Bummer. Again.

    Now I need to find someone for the trucking interview. I was hoping to get a couple folks from the boards here but that hasn't happened so I'll be trying to find someone local to talk to. I don't have any contacts in the trucking industry. Maybe I will hit up the first random trucker I see out of his rig or something. Not really sure yet. I'd like to get it done this weekend though so I can hand it in Monday.

    Unfortunately the class starts on Monday so I wont be making it then. The next classes are two weeks later assuming they can fill the seats in the class, otherwise it may be pushed back more. I was really hoping to be in Mondays class because my living arrangement where I am ends in eight weeks. The class will now not be finished for seven weeks so I am really cutting it close here. That's assuming I will even get the funds too. But I'm working on it. Just need to keep on keeping on.
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    Just an update for anyone following.

    Finally completed all WIA paperwork Monday (7-14-2014) and was waiting for their approval, I was suppose to hear back before Friday. That week came and went so I called last Friday to get any updates hoping to get approval and get started last Monday 7-21-2014, no returned call until today, so that puts me starting two more weeks further back at best.

    Got a call saying the work shops I attended will not count as they were attended before I was enrolled in the next stage of the program so I would need to repeat them.

    Then another call same day saying that the work shops do count now, but I instead have to go fill out more paperwork. They want an estimate of my spouses income for the previous six months. This is likely going to disqualify me. I made it clear to them before (a signed affidavit actually) that I am no longer covered by her financially and haven't been for over a month. They still want to know her past income but at the same time claim that it has no bearing on me getting approved for the WIA funds. I naturally ask, if her income is not going to be used to qualify/ disqualify me from the funds, then why do you need it? "We just do". ugh. I told them early on in the program that I did not want to include her in any part of this process and I had signed the paperwork that made sure she would be excluded, yet here we are.

    You would think a program like this would be cut and dried. Everyone would go through the same process. There would be a definitive check list, time frames and structure that spelled out exactly what was required.

    Just a little frustrated is all. Going to keep on keeping on.
  6. alone

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    Spoke to the WIA people today. The school I was planning to attend had been taken off of the WIA eligible training providers list. For those who don't know, the WIA program only pays for training from those who are on their list. The WIA people are working with the school to get them back on the list but there is no way to know how long that might take (the school is difficult for them to communicate with). I was told by the school in the very beginning when I first discovered it was not on the list, that it would not a problem as their other school is on the WIA list. The people who run the school have another school by the same name but in a different area. I think the school was enrolling people into the main school (out of the area) but sending them to this different facility. Maybe trying to pull one over to get more WIA money without jumping through the hoops involved to get on the eligible training provider list? I don't know. I was told by the school they accept a lot of people from my county using the WIA, yet they are not and have not been on the list for quite some time. So something is up.

    That's bad news for me though as the next closet places are ~150 miles each way. I don't really mind the drive but it is the expense and wear and tear on my car (car has 306,xxx miles on it). It may be the only option though. If I can definitely get the WIA funds I may just go to the school further away just so I can get moving in the right direction. I guess I'll give it a few days and if there is no progress what so ever I will try to get in somewhere else.
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