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    I had a few minutes waiting for my shower and I noticed this Loves has expanded its clothing and merchandise section. In particular they have belts, socks, jeans and some other things for sale I have not seen at other locations. I wonder if this is a test at this store with plans to do it (if successful) at other locations. Also I wonder if they will have other items for sale in the future such as wallets and maybe watches. Anyway, it's more money for the Loves family.

    The truckstop itself is laid out kind of weird with the entry/exit being the same lane and it's an S curve. You have to swing it wide twice to go in and out and at night someone always parks in the curve so it's 1 truck at a time.

    On entering it was 4of us: 2 trucks in front of me and 1 behind. Well the first truck as soon as he gets in swings out left to the fuel pumps and decides he's parking in the second spot on the right side. I see it's an Indian from Canada. He jammed everything up for a good 10 minutes and at the end there were 5 or 6 trucks looking to leave and overflow spilling out into the street.

    All he had to do was go in more around to the back and there were parking spots galore. Actually the best ones are on the other side of the fuel island- about 8 or 9 of them. They are all pull through spots and you can see them upon entry. From there it's just a short walk to the store entrance.

    You will see a lot if Canadian trucks at this place. Maybe 40 percent of trucks from Canada.

    Loves has become too popular. I see now in the Midwest Loves truckstops are always full and another one like Pilot just across the street not filling up.

    The stretch from KC to Indiana only has 2 Loves- exit 101 in MO and then the one mentioned above. With all the Canadian guys coming down I think 2 more locations could be added in each state and that would mean 6 on i70 in MO and IL.
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    Dont forget the midevil helmets ! Lol
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    I drive with mine on all the time, I am sure it helps the CB reception!!
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    WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE SALUTE YOU!!!:ogre::whdat::whax:

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