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  1. Fatboy42

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    Feb 9, 2011
    I was approached by Marathon Petroleum at the end of last year and encouraged to apply for a light products hauling job. I was told I have the qualities and qualifications they were looking for and to make a resume and fill out their electronic application. I did this and was contacted for an on line personally profile that I completed. I was informed that I had passed the profile and had to schedule a test at a testing facility.

    I looked at options and picked a site and made my appointment. Test day came and I arrived with my required state issued ID and checked in. Well this is where stuff started getting strange. Testing location wanted me to put my phone watch wallet hat and coat in an unsecured cubbyhole out of my site and take the test with all sorts of people coming and going. I kept my wallet with me after some protest and she then examined my reading glasses ( for what purpose I’ll never know) and I proceeded to take their test. The test was for light products driver/ crude hauler. It had nothing to do with being a truck driver or hauling fuel. I felt I passed this test and left.

    While driving home I received an email that I had no received a passing score and could reapply in 1 year. I thought this was strange and I contacted ther HR person who stated I did not pass the test and she could not discuss it with me but I almost passed it and actually I passed it but did not pass all the parts of the test. I asked how can someone pass a test but not pass. She said reapply in a year. No there was nothing to study and I know I passed the math questions so I was stumped. Fast forward 3 months I get another email that I have the quality’s they are looking for and I need to apply. I contacted the HR lady again and was told that Marathon must have seen my app on the company site an thought I could apply but did not know I had applied. I said are you sure of this as I have never seen a company that has no idea of what the want or who is was or has applied. I asked for an interview as I figure corporate thought I was ok and I sort of passed their test then I must be what they want and she might be confused and I asked her why the test was being revamped as I was told unofficially by divers that hardly anyone has passed it. That was the end of our conversation. Any one know anything about working for Marathon what sort of place is this. I have been in my current position for 28 years and have never seen this sort of disorganized approach to hiring a driver.
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  3. ZVar

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Flint, MI
    Sounds a lot like any large, old company. Recruiting department does not talk to their HR department.
    As for the glasses, while yes weird, there are glasses out there that are internet and hud enabled.
    I don't think they are made anymore, but it was all over the technology sites a few years back.
  4. speedyk

    speedyk Road Train Member

    Apr 8, 2015
    I was a recruiter for a transportation company at one time. There were entry tests, math and reading comprehension that had to be passed to get an interview. Some applicants had to come back a few times to get over that hurdle. And then they had to get past a list of idiotic interview questions and the bias of managers who oftentimes hadn't ever done that work themselves,

    It's their choice how they select people, and their problem if their chosen method doesn't give them the employees they want. In my case, having been behind the scenes with the hiring managers, the ones who didn't pass were the lucky ones; a screwed-up process is likely a sign of a screwed-up company.

    Move on and let go. Someday they'll either figure out that it doesn't do what they want or not. The fact that their automated recruiting bot thinks you're a good fit, but their hiring process blocks you, is a good indication that you're better off elsewhere.
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  5. homeskillet

    homeskillet Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2013
    Dayton, OH
    I hauled gas back in the late '90s.

    Marathon has always been a persnickety, rather tight-arsed company when it comes to recruiting. Back then, it was a "Holy Grail" job, and the only way in was "dead man's boots". And if you didn't know one of the local Marathon drivers, you weren't gonna get the job. The hiring was done locally by terminal, they very rarely advertised open positions, and the word of a Marathon driver retiring would trigger a flood of applications from every common carrier driver that loaded there.

    Now with the central computerized hiring, it's getting weird. The few Marathon drivers I've spoken to lately saw the pay is great, but ONE work rule violation can cost you your job.

    One guy working for a local gas hauler told me he worked at Marathon. Had his phone within arms reach. It rang, and through force of habit, he reached over and picked it up, glanced at the screen, then put it down.

    Got canned. Asked Marathon driver at a delivery if such a thing was true...

    "Happens all the time"....

    You have 28 years in the SAME PLACE? You have hit the lottery, driver. IMO you just dodged a high-explosive, heat-seeking butt missle.
  6. xahmdm

    xahmdm Bobtail Member

    Feb 10, 2014
    plymouth IN
    Yep, that just about sums it up. Large corp with all micromanagement and disfunction that goes with it. hauling fuel nowadays highly dangerous and highly competitive for qualified drivers who wanna take on the risk. Terminal in NW Indiana can't keep people. Camera's, no phones (get fired), no overtimes pay, and nights/weekends for a long time. Not all that great anymore...
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  7. MrMagoo

    MrMagoo Bobtail Member

    Aug 5, 2012
    Good thing you failed the test you didn’t fail.
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  8. Paddlewagon

    Paddlewagon Light Load Member

    Sep 17, 2017
    Llano Estacado
    Sounds pretty similar to to my experience applying to Sunoco(Energy Transfer) for a crude hauling gig. I remember working for Marathon when I was in "the patch" and taking 5-7 days to complete a 3 day job because of all the redundant and asinine safety rules.
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  9. MACK E-6

    MACK E-6 Moderator Staff Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    Baltimore, MD
    Sounds like either they have cameras, or the pricks in the office called him as bait.
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  10. homeskillet

    homeskillet Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2013
    Dayton, OH
    Forward AND driver-facing cams, yep.
  11. Wumbo Jumbo

    Wumbo Jumbo Bobtail Member

    Jan 15, 2016
    ^ :O
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