marten transport- A+ company to drive for

Discussion in 'Discuss Your Favorite Trucking Company Here' started by tmellen58, May 5, 2007.

  1. tmellen58

    tmellen58 Bobtail Member

    May 5, 2007
    Just wanted to say my experience with marten has been a positive one the last 6 years I have driven for them.. I've rarely gotten home late for hometime,which I take approx. each 5 weeks for 4-6 days at a time. I can request hometime in several areas of the country as well and my fleet manager has consistently routed me to those areas I wish to go. ( I choose to stay out for 5 weeks) I run an average of 3000-3200 miles per week, at peak freight seasons usually more and I have never been pressured to run in a non-compliant manner. Drivers here are treated well if you are a professional, and take pride in the work you do and manner you portray yourself with. If you perform your job well and are efficient, reliable and responsible you will enjoy working for marten. On the other hand, if you are unreliable and careless with shippers,receivers,company equiptment you are assigned then you will not be happy with this company or any other ones for that matter. I have noticed the last year or so that there have been new drivers that are quick to voice negative feedback concerning marten, but I also notice that these few drivers are also the ones who are repeatedly late for pick ups and deliveries and are usually driving abused tractors that they have apparantly had numerous mishaps in due to their negligence. Marten has a good bonus plan for miles,safety,low idle % paid out quarterly as well as an excellent 401k plan(after 1 yr) Marten equiptment is well maintained and has
    6 terminals to accomodate drivers. Terminals are small but serve the purpose.
    We all know there is a severe shortage of drivers in this industry,and every trucking company has its share unfortunately of those drivers who are entering this industry to be no more than that of just a "steering wheel holder" the ones who dont have the intelligence to master the skill of filling out a daily log properly or accomplishing a simple task of keeping their equiptment upright going down the road. If you are not one of these drivers, then marten is definitely a company worth working for.:yes2557:
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  3. Cymerax

    Cymerax Bobtail Member

    Jan 31, 2007
    Hey Tmellen, just curious what's the starting pay per mile and what safety bonuses, etc pay? Thanks for the info ;?D
  4. rickstephens

    rickstephens Light Load Member

    Apr 25, 2007
    i have only been with marten a very short time but from what ive seen so far they are great. first time i put in for home time only one day late getting there made 50 bucks for not there when i wanted. went back on duty on a mon the fri before had a pp for the mon. had a break down with a sensor in the freightliner i was in no problem getting breakdown pay was on the next check. they ended up giving me a kw t 600 06 i was very happy since i was a new driver with just a little more than 4 months otr experience. when i was in wi everyone in the terminal seemed nice all said hello and welcome to marten now im sure there will be times that are not Rosy but that's in every job. just saying it is a lot better than where i came from so want to add when driving down the highway all marten drivers actually wave at you. may seem a little trivial but it is kinda nice.
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  5. mikroos5

    mikroos5 Medium Load Member

    Nov 16, 2006
    It's good to hear that they are still a good company to work for.I worked for them from 95 to 2000 as a company driver and o/o.left them for what i thought was greener pastures but to no avail.

    My last company was Sysco and i worked for them for about 5 months and have been on workers comp for the last year and a half.Finally getting to the end of that and hopefuly we are going to settle in the next couple of months,'fingers crossed'

    I already have my sites on a truck and am going back on the road and i have been talking to the people at Marten and i will be leasing on with them again.

    Hope everything stays the course for you.and i see you out there.
  6. dancnoone

    dancnoone "Village Idiot"

    May 6, 2007
    I have a friend who says the same thing about them. They have bent over backwards for him (even as a new hire last year).

    He has to be home EVERY 2 weeks without fail, due to his wifes medical condition. He says they typically run him by the house during that time, so he can stop in and check on her. And he still gets his miles.:biggrin_255:
  7. garspete

    garspete Light Load Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    did i read that they now have apu,s on their trucks
  8. Nomadbeginner

    Nomadbeginner Bobtail Member

    Sep 13, 2008
    La Grande, Oregon
    Hi out there,
    Is there any Marten drivers who could bring this thread up to date ?
    The last post was in 2007.

    Thanks Much !:biggrin_2551:
  9. ChromeDome

    ChromeDome Road Train Member

    Jun 10, 2007
    Lakeland, FL
    There are allot of current posts on them in the company DAC section.
    Probibly in other areas as well. Just search.
  10. chigger

    chigger Bobtail Member

    Mar 1, 2008
    nashville, tn
    I drive for MTS/ Martin out of Spring Hill Tennessee on a dedicated run. When I was recruited I was told the work was steady and at LEAST 3k a week. After I went to UNPAID orientation in Mich. I drove back bobtail to Indy to pick up a trailer. (so did several other drivers) We were never told by Robin (recruiter) that when you bobtail or deadhead your mileage drops from .35 to .25. We found that out at orientation. We also found out THERE that there will NEVER be a raise, and that the company takes 2 (unpaid) weeks off at July 4th and Christmas/ New Years.

    After I got back to TN it was 2 1/2 MONTHS of calling EVERYDAY before I finally got my first dispatch. Even then it was almost 2 more months before I ever made 3k miles a week and even now it is very inconsistant.
    I've been sent to Laredo, Tx (since July) 7 times that I have had to sit 2 days for a load. At this point the company is into me for over $500 in the PROMISED detention time, but after countless times of resending the required sheet with detention times and trip numbers, and copies (not required) of my logs for those days, and countless calls to payroll and my dispatcher, and countless times of being told it would be in my next check, I still have not received a penny of detention ALONG WITH NEVER EVEN GETTING PAID THE .25 a mile for the original delivery of their tractor and picking up the trailer in Indy! Not only that, but along with not paying the detention time pay, MTS has never reimbursed me for a SINGLE SCALE TICKET (13) although I've also submitted them many times according to the company requirements. That is my own money they won't pay back!

    I don't know whose butt you're kissing to get what you want, but these are the most hateful, lying, uncaring people I have ever worked for. You speak to ANY drivers out of Spring Hill and find out some of the crap they've done to ALL the drivers and you won't think they're so nice.

    Not only that, but we can't even get work done on our tractors if it is not an absolute safety issue, and even then it could take several weeks of nagging breakdown to let you get it fixed out on the road because we don't have a shop. I've worn out 2 sets of steer tires because they won't fix my front end, and Carl told me that they knew about the problem when they sent the truck down, but won't fix it because we don't have a shop and it's too expensive at a truckstop.

    Don't walk away from MTS/, and don't look back.
  11. Alabama Redneck

    Alabama Redneck Bobtail Member

    Dec 9, 2008
    mobile, al
    Ok well I will respond to the "martin" issue in this thread also. WRONG COMPANY, again. MARTEN is a good company to work for. They pay for/reimburse scales, washouts and numerous other things.
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