marten transport is bad news

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    Mar 23, 2012
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    not only is marten transport ripping off the drivers and the federal government, but randy marten is a <Comment removed by Mastertech>.

    marten is not alone in this grand ripping off of soc sec, medicare, taxes in general. any company that forces drivers to take the per diem is ripping off the govt and the drivers.per diem is a tax benefit for the drivers, not a ripoff tool for these big companies as they have discovered to their benefit is saving them millions of dollars in taxes. used to be, a driver could chose wether to participate in the crooked way of using perdiem, now there is no choice. drivers are forced to take it or leave it.

    i am realizing the the only way to continue driving is to get a local job that pays hourly. and like another person on here had posted, these companies are more interested in the rookies as they dont complain while they are being screwed over.

    out of 3000 drivers think about the huge amount of $ marten should be paying into fica. on paper, i only make $24k a year, but in reality it is $50k. by doing this per diem crap, they are screwing us out of our ss money later on down the road, and screwing the govt as we speak. these big trucking corporations are paying pennies on the dollar of the fica they should be sending to the fed govt. think about it, on $24k a year, they have to send in what little they take out of my check(because their scammy use of "per diem" and by doing this, they cut their fica liability for me by half. multiply that by 3000 drivers and that is a huge dent in fica taxes that the fed govt is not getting, and 20 years down the road that none of us will get.

    not to mention the fact that i have pics of demolished/totalled marten trucks that were just dragged into the yard this weekend and miraculously these guys still have a job. interestingly enough, i was canned for hos violation and a non-dot reportable incident. i am pretty sure it has to do with asking too many questions about where my extra 3 cpm was going and wanting written explanation of their creative bookkeepping techniques, and holding their feet to the fire when it came to the horredously poor/non existent communication.
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    FLATBED Road Train Member

    Regardless of how DISGRUNTLED you are this type of accusation is a bit much.
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  3. anj8488

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    Especially when its hear-say from other disgruntled employees
  4. Squirel

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    I agree FLATBED...There is always rumors about someone but unless you know facts, this accusation is uncalled for. No reason what so ever to post slanderous statements about a person.
    So maybe you ought to go edit your post, leave that out.
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  5. Terrapin Flyer

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    Dec 3, 2011
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    As much as you may not like it, it's perfectly legal.
  6. Crazy37

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    It's gotta be true, he heard from another driver, who heard it from another driver, who heard it from another driver. Sounds credible to me.
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    ...and I read it on the Internet.....
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    Uh, no.

    You were canned because you're a ###### loudmouth who makes dangerous accusations. Your moniker doesn't begin to describe you.

    Good riddance.
  10. pattyj

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    I agree,he's very angry Martin fired him so why not drag the company thru the mud.I think fireing him was a smart move on Martins part after reading his post.
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