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    Jul 8, 2020
    Heavy d has been very helpful he's maxforce God.Thanks heavy.I have some answers to questions a computer can't tell you .I run 7 maxforces. They out run most trucks daily.
    .Alot of thanks to heavy d sharing his knowledge.The fact of the matter if your an owner op running this truck it's tricky.If you have drivers out of town your done..Still a great truck if you keep out of dealership.So I started this for a driver/ owner/ mechanic .However heavy d is way more knowledgeable on most questions .I run them everyday and refuse a computer hook up until last resort..However don't discredit heavy d advice.i wish I could hire him.Most international mechanics suck.SO LETS START WITH HOW TO FIX LOW IDLE OIL PRESSURE HOT.OLD SCHOOL.if oil presure is normal at leaks or going to Block relief pressure tube till it's right.feeding my turbos with oil.This will cause problem later I'm sure.Iwill fix with and removal of plastic crap left of oil filter.I have cleaned filter for crankcase breather . A blockage seems rational for now.keep in mind this is a 9500 dollar truck.It would have broke tomorrow.ill bet I get 2 years out of it .im not a lawyer and the dmv is closed .last of my worries are my advice is just my opinion.dont know or care if my fix is illegally.I have no deleted EPA stuff . to best of my knowledge.
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