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    Ok Adel is a pretty small town in southern Ga, so chances are no one on here has worked at the Messer location there. However, the cost-of-living is lower than average so the $80-100k yearly pay they’re advertising would go farther than in a lot of places. Also, it’s less than 30 minutes from where I live.

    I seem to remember someone posting an extensive review of their experience working for Messer, and I recall meeting the 14 hour daily deadline being an issue. Between driving to the customer and unloading the product from the tanks and driving back under 11 hours & 14 hours on duty was too much and so he ended up leaving (I don’t think he was terminated but I could be mistaken).

    I’m currently driving a dump truck for a paving company. I’ve grossed just over $50k annually the past 2 years ($19.50 hourly with OT after 40 hours). The hours (and therefore the paychecks) fluctuate wildly. Generally we work 50-55 hours weekly and occasionally over 65 hours, but sometimes get rained out and won’t make 40 hours. Sometimes we’ll haul sand, rock, etc. on rainy days but if there’s not a need for it then we stay home on rainy days. Largely it’s a comfortable job, but a very modest paying one.

    Could Messer be a good place to get hazmat experience in order to land a more coveted job such as hauling fuel for Loves or Pilot, etc.? I’m aware that Messer doesn’t haul fuel, but it still counts as hazmat & tank experience, which I would think would look good on my resume. Nevertheless, I’m still gaining experience, so that alone goes a long way I believe. I’m also driving a manual, and that’s becoming increasingly rare these days. In fact, we’ve had a couple of people get hired on and not make it due to not being able to drive a manual transmission (one person came in to do a test drive, and when they got in the cab they asked “what’s this 3rd pedal for?”), so even at this low tier company, it’s getting harder to find people who can drive 10-speeds.

    Edit: Here’s the thread A month in at Messer

    “Busting the clock” is how the put it.
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    I'd go for the money.
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    I used to live in Adel.

    Different locations for Messer....will likely yield different experiences.

    Cryo terminals are all like little "kingdoms" -- each with its own plusses & negatives.

    Understand that....if you take that job -- you will very likely start out working nights, weekends, & holidays.

    Shifts will be seniority-based. The better shifts thus go to drivers with more seniority. You will likely be "slip seating" a cab-only truck....with one or more other drivers. One of them may not be the best at cleaning up their food wrappings, the end of their shift.

    This job with Messer will be a much cleaner job....than a fuel-hauling gig. You will go home at the end of each shift without the smell of fuel on you...&/or your clothes.

    You will very likely need to start wearing earplugs, to save your hearing. Loading/unloading cryo tanks can be VER-RY LOUD. Cryo drivers mostly get their hearing tested about once a year, because of this problem.

    Expect to find driver-facing cameras in the cabs. And an anal safety dept watching you.

    Past all that -- it's probably a fantastic opportunity to pick up some desirable skill sets -- & make yourself a much more valuable driver (especially if hazmat tanker is your goal).

    Some fuel jobs will pay better in southern Ga; some will pay less. The better fuel carriers will really want more fuel hauling experience -- & NOT cryo time.

    With Messer -- you can up your pay by going on "SORT" runs....where extra help is needed, & away from your terminal. I think those runs pay the driver extra. BE SURE to ask in the interviews how much more.

    I think SORT = Special Operations Response Team.

    Let us know how it goes....

    -- L
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    Jan 16, 2017
    One thing to remember. Cryo is technically more dangerous than fuel. Because your dealing with extreme cold. Unloading liquid nitrogen at -300F. Unsure about others. Also multiple types of pressures. Also if it's liquid oxygen. You got a chance of it igniting. I was told about a driver who used their cryo hammer to check tires. Then when unloading oxygen. When they hit one of the fittings. It went boom. Because of a tiny bit of rubber on the hammer. You might know all of this. But just thought to say just in case
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    Dec 3, 2010
    First not sure where you seen 80 to 100 for Adel ga most places in the south advertise at75.and that most likely will be nights and weekends Second for some reason some here have jumped on the cryo bandwagon for some reason I don’t think the majority that are on that bandwagon has ever done it.3 they are always advertising for drivers that in it self should be a red flag.4 a little more money isn’t always worth the trade off such as a camera watching every time your eyes look down or a hand coming off the wheel always watching the speedometer to make sure you’re not going 50 in a 45 zone.
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    Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds

    Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport.