MID 130 SID 231 FMI 14 ZF Freedomline Transmission 2005 VNL

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    Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else. I found two others on this forum with this code and the same symptoms my truck was having but they never came back and posted what was causing the trouble so I found my problem and wanted to let others know.
    Here is one of the posts describing the problem from Mirsadvic:
    "Hey everyone some new weird issues. I have a 2009 volvo 670 cumins engine ZF auto shift transmisson. The transmisson got new doubler and new wiring in the past year. Last week i got a code saying SAE J1939 DATA LINK WHICH IS CODE MID 130 SID 231 FMI 14. all the wireing was re checked inspected connected all was good. What happens is as i am driving in higher gears 9-12 it will beep 6 times and kick it into SM system mulfuntion and after few minutes it will go away. If i take my foot off the gas pedal any time after the 1st beep it will not activate the SM. I am completely out of ideas and so is volvo does anyone have any idea of whag is going on? What is triggering thag system mulfuntion in the transmission. Thank you."
    The solution,
    What I found causing my problem was the mechanical switch (not the air pressure one that lights up your brake lights) that tells the ecm that your brakes are applied. My switch was being interfered with by some wires hanging low and keeping the switch tripped so the ecm thought I was driving down the road with the brakes applied. This put the system into SM and didn't allow my cruise control or high idle to work.
    Hopefully this helps save someone else time and money.
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