Mid Seven Transportation and Boyd Brothers.......... sister companies STAY AWAY!!!!

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  1. Dreamchasers369

    Dreamchasers369 Bobtail Member

    Jan 6, 2014
    Collins, IA
    Boyd Brothers of Clayton, AL bought out Mid Seven Transportation of Des Moines, IA. Since their take over; the Mid Seven as we knew it disappeared. We were continuously LIED to and Andrea C., the back haul dispatcher, is the biggest LIAR of them all. Steve B., took over as president of this company. Now I know why Boyd Brothers sent him up here! He lies to you. He sent out a company letter telling all of us that a former employee had retired! When in fact Steve fired him!!!! And gave the entire office a 3% raise to keep it quiet! And the "new" settlement sheets HIDE the gross amounts that they quote you when you take the load. So unless you are good at keeping records, you will never know just how much they are taking away from your paycheck. They screwed up my paychecks numerous times, thank goodness my wife is an accountant and called them on it! One load, I picked up the check from the customer and it was MORE than they told me it was. I made a copy of that check! Once again I got screwed. They sent me to Laredo, TX to pick up a load that wasn't even in the U.S. yet!!!! It was still in Mexico!!! They ONLY ALLOWED me $270 fuel surcharge to take that load 1900 miles to north of Detroit, MI. !!! My dispatcher, Scott, told me that they had good paying freight out of there. Needless to say; when I got unloaded on Friday there were NO LOADS! Andrea C. flat out refused to reload me and I was going to have to sit until Monday or Tuesday to get reloaded. I deadheaded home! I turned in their trailer and paperwork and resigned! Started working for a MUCH BETTER company the following Monday! Much happier and more $$$$$ and less deadhead!!!

    IF you are NOT one of Andrea C.'s pets you won't make it at Mid Seven; she will see to that! She is the ONLY back haul dispatcher. When I left she was attempting to reload as many as 40 trucks per week! She never negotiates except on the loads for her husband and her pets! There have been quite a few Owner/Operators that have quit since the buy out; that should tell you something! If you want to work there, be prepared for a slow death if you are an Owner/Operator! There is no office support after 5:00 PM CST and nothing for support on weekends if you are out! The office shuts down at 5:00 PM daily no exceptions!!!
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  3. flatpete77

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    Jan 23, 2015
    Seems things haven't changed.
  4. Drivers girl

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    Oct 21, 2013
    My bf hauls for Boyd and not had any issues whatsoever. He's a L/O and even after several mechanical issues they have worked to make sure he had a paycheck coming in. We are very happy with Boyd as things stand right now.
  5. flatbedder

    flatbedder Medium Load Member

    Oct 10, 2006
    they are part of daseke companies along with ew wylie, lonestar, central oregon trucking, smokey point dist. and lord knows how many others. Just a huge group of corporate crap
  6. oranges99

    oranges99 Bobtail Member

    Oct 25, 2011
    Not all of the Daseke companies are crap. I work for COTC, have for years. Daseke has brought no change to us other than newer equipment faster...and a pay raise!
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