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  1. drivingmissdaisy

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    Jun 10, 2019
    What a horrible experience there. I wound up getting banned from this facility.

    I arrived at the receiver at approximately 740am, as I had gone to the wrong area of the plant and had to be redirected.

    Upon arriving I walked into the shipping office and the worker entered my information into the computer. She then took my cell phone number and told me to drop my trailer in Dock 15 and proceed bobtail to the parking lot which is around the back side of the employee parking lot. I was the only live unload during this time.

    I sat there for about an hour. During that time, I had communications with my dispatcher, Scott, who was trying to get me a load to get me back home so I could board up my windows as my house was in the direct path of Hurricane Laura. He asked me for an ETA to the next shipper and I told him I was unable to give him one since I had no idea how long I would be waiting here to get unloaded. He asked me to get an ETA for him ASAP and we ended the call. In order to get him the ETA, I had to know how long this unload would take.

    Thinking that possibly the dock workers would have a good idea how long it would take to get my trailer unloaded since they would be the ones unloading it, I walked directly from my truck to my trailer. Next to my trailer was an open dock. I stood outside, at that open dock, for about 10 minutes without seeing any activity at my trailer or inside the warehouse.

    I then decided to go to the shipping office and ask if they knew approximately how long it would be so I could give Scott an ETA. The girl said she didn't know. I informed her that the only reason I was asking is because my house was in the path of Hurricane Laura and I was trying to get back home to board up my windows. She shrugged her shoulders indifferently, obviously not caring a single bit about my situation. I thought she might care a little bit about my situation and ask a dock worker, but instead she then stated very sternly "Go back and sit in your truck, I will call you when you are ready." I politely stated "ok thanks" and left and went back to my truck.

    Fast forward another hour. No phone calls, nothing. At this point I've been sitting for two hours. Keep in mind, I was the only truck there for the first hour and 45 minutes. Every hour that passes makes getting home before the hurricane that much more difficult as I am subject to all FMCSA driving regulations, no matter my home situation. Knowing that the girl in the office didn't know how long it would be, and how little she cared anyway, I figured no reason to bother her so I walked back to my trailer and stood at the same open dock to see if I could see any activity regarding the unloading of my trailer or a dock worker that I could ask. About 15 seconds later that worker from the office came storming around the front of my trailer yelling at me saying that she had told me to stay in my truck and since I didn't I was banned from the facility. I replied that I was simply trying to get an estimate of how long this would take and she said "I don't care, you're banned and I'm going to make sure you and your company don't come back here ever again." In disbelief about how this woman was treating me despite me being very polite and calm throughout the entire incident, I walked back to my truck. Another hour passed before I was finally called and told to come get my trailer. She was rude and said your trailer is ready and hung up on me before I could utter a word.

    I've been driving for years and never had a conflict with anyone anywhere and certainly never been banned from any location for any reason. I've never been treated with utter disrespect and lack of care like I was at this location. At the few locations that ever told me I needed to stay in my truck, it was only while the trailer was being unloaded and I was told how long to expect it to take. I've never been told to stay in my truck and then been told that they have no clue how long I would be there. I had no idea if I would be a prisoner in my own truck for the rest of the day. I'd never been here before, and I sat for hours without anything other than rudely being yelled at for daring to ask.

    I found it strange that I was being told to stay in my truck yet she told me there is a driver lounge and port-o-let in the parking lot that drivers could use. But in order for me to use them, I would have to get out of my truck. There were no signs anywhere indicating that drivers had to stay in their truck or that drivers could not walk to the shipping office. At no time did I aimlessly walk around this facility. I only walked directly between my truck and the shipping office twice in the entire 3 hours that this incident lasted.

    My company didn't even get upset with me. They understood my house was in the path of a Cat 4 hurricane and I needed to get home. They cared, but these #######ed didn't. My fleet manager told me they were trying to get my name cleared because they said the way I was treated was ######## and I had done nothing wrong.
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  3. Grouch

    Grouch Road Train Member

    Feb 3, 2009
    Between here and eternity
    I could count on one hand the number of shippers or receivers that would have really cared about your situation. It seems to be that if you even asked about the time when the load might be unloaded or loaded, you are in danger of prolonging the time. We live in a world of "I do not care" . In all my years in this business, I have found most people in "middle management" fit the "Peter's Principle" . Ever read the book "Peter's Principle", you should, it explains why things always go wrong.
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  4. Rugerfan

    Rugerfan Road Train Member

    May 3, 2011
    You are a better man than I. I would have called her a few choice works that start with C and end with T. Screw places like that
  5. Dale thompson

    Dale thompson Road Train Member

    Nov 20, 2013
    commerce twp,mi
    This is the situation where you look the woman in the eyes and very politely say see you next Tuesday.
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  6. Kyle G.

    Kyle G. Road Train Member

    Jan 23, 2016
    Eastern Iowa
    Ok, a couple things here... first of all, I understand your situation at home and the need to get there asap. I hope everything works out and your home and family are safe.

    Yes, it sounds like this receiving clerk was unnecessarily rude and treated you with disrespect.

    But lets look at it from her point of view. I have been to that place, and I do recall that they had a lot of silly rules, but remember they deal with chemicals, and any chemical plant will have a ridiculous pile of safety rules to prevent theft or “terrorism.” I know it’s bs, but it is what it is. My point is, they don’t want people out walking around and they are told to treat anyone walking around as suspicious activity. Again, I’m not saying I agree with it.

    Also, think of how many drivers come into this place wanting to be unloaded in a hurry for various reasons. I mean it’s Cicero, not exactly anyone’s ideal place to spend the night. And you can bet that 90% of those drivers aren’t as polite as you. So this grumpy woman has to constantly listen to impatient drivers whining about wanting to get unloaded because this or that and that has made her into a bitter person and I think she took it out on you.

    In any case, this place is still a crap hole and if I were you, I would take the ban as a good thing. Lol
  7. GreenPete359

    GreenPete359 Road Train Member

    Oct 21, 2017
    Driving my recliner
    I love the company i used to work for as a company hand. My guy would have pulled me and the load out of there, put the load in a warehouse & made them retrieve it. Did it more than a few times. Dude didn’t play games.
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