More idiocy..time to start revoking cdl's

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    Mar 20, 2010
    135 vehicles involved in two Ohio pileups in heavy snow

    Significant early snows in the Midwest Tuesday, Nov. 12, caused two huge pileups in Ohio and led to two fatal accidents, including one involving the driver of a tractor-trailer.

    A total of 85 vehicles were involved in a crash in whiteout conditions Tuesday morning on State Route 8 near the city of Hudson about 15 miles north of Akron. News 5 of Cleveland reports five people were injured in the pileup, none seriously. Route 8 was closed until late afternoon.

    Whiteout conditions and slippery roads are being blamed for a second massive wreck in Ohio, this one involving some 50 vehicles, including several tractor-trailers. Two people are said to have been injured seriously in the collision that occurred on Interstate 80 near Austintown, Ohio about 10 miles west of Youngstown.

    Also on Tuesday morning, the driver of a tractor-trailer died when he was thrown from his truck as it crashed into an emergency vehicle on Interstate 70 in Clark County between Dayton and Columbus. That truck driver was not identified by police.

    A 21-year-old woman from Medina, Ohio was killed Tuesday morning in a 16-vehicle crash on the Ohio Turnpike in Richfield about 20 miles south of Cleveland.

    135 vehicles involved in two Ohio pileups in heavy snow
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    Looking at the picture I see very few tractor trailers in it. Yes I am sure there are trucks in the mess some where. Yet the picture reflects idiot four wheelers whom love to practice ignorant driving.
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    I remember watching a YouTube video some time ago of a similar situation, whiteout conditions and a pileup is happening. In the video, everyone including Tractor-trailers is charging through the whiteout towards the pileup at top speed it seems like. Nobody really should have been driving in those conditions.. let alone at the speed limit. It just seems like pure idiocy to me.
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    Apr 26, 2013
    Natural selection works wonders , just give it time.
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    Mar 20, 2010
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    You know, sometimes I blame the arrogance of some drivers that live in cold weather states. They always say to southern guys like me a bunch of random stuff like: "We're used to it up here."
    "We don't shut down for snow." "I got 4 wheel drive." Yet nobody decided the smart thing to do was to slow down, or better yet stay home. I don't care what type of vehicle one has. It's no counter for those conditions
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    left foot on the dash hammer down... :thumbup:
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