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    I run interstate flatbed, as well as some local stuff. Over the past few months I have been developing an opportunity with a few regulars that will require a different setup- namely small non-cdl box trucks and cargo vans operating within a 100 mile radius, all local metro city deliveries. Looking at insurance, if I add these trucks to my fleet, the cost is as expected- between $6k - $12k per year per truck depending on size, weight, and value. Other local distributors, couriers, local businesses with trucks etc use way cheaper commercial policies for these types of vehicles and operation, with only intrastate authority and less than our interstate $1m/$2m liability and $150k cargo. Insurance guy says if we had a different MC and DOT with only intrastate authority, we'd be looking at $2k-$3k per truck.

    Question is, does anyone have real experience with this sort of arrangement? I have no problem opening a new LLC and new numbers if needed, just not sure if that's the way to do it.

    I do know that if I just add these local trucks to our existing policy, we're over paying, and risking more in terms of higher potential for accidents in the metro city compared to OTR, and not getting any benefit of added inspections and positive CSA score, because these trucks are likely never going to see a port of entry or DOT officer.

    Anyone with some real experience with this sort of thing, please chime in!

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