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  1. My dh has always preferred working for small companies because he likes to get to know the people working in the office on a personal level. He has worked for a company called D & K adventures out of AR and had problems getting paid. Kara called and left an extremely hate filled foul message on dh's v.m. when he quit and threatened that he would never drive for another co. again! He was told they "wouldn't pay with out back up paperwork" and when I emailed the Owner Duane and asked how do you provide back up paperwork for layovers? He never responded. My dh was charged 100.00 for having his chk fedxed to me and when I chkd w/fedx about how much should have been charged (worst case scenario) it would have been less than $50.00 so I questioned Duane about this - he said they had fedxd 2 separate times so I asked for the 2nd tracking # because I had never received a 2nd check -he never responded. It was stated that because I got a "wild hair to move to TX" it was harder to get dh home - even though he knew I had moved to TX to be closer to family because I was pregnant and wanted to be closer to family. The list goes on and on. This may have just been a personal experience but I would suggest caution in considering working for them. Duane was an ok guy, but his wife Kara was completely out there.

    Before D & K dh worked for TNT Express - now out of business I believe, he had a paycheck bounce and when we went and asked about it, they gave him a check to deposit in their account so we could cash ours, we also had other problems but very typical of industry.

    I don't know if this would be considered a bad company or a good company, I guess it's whichever side of the fence you're on. I met a girl that was working in a hotel that had been sexually assaulted, beaten, held against her will and stabbed by an OTR driver - when she got away she called police and had him arrested - he was under a load so the co paid his bail so he could get out and make his delivery - wow that's a company that really stands by their driver!! The girl called the co to get permission to get some things off the truck while it was in impound and she was told how stupid she had been by getting on the truck in the first place (a woman told her this!) The company is S.N.A.P. Leasing - out of MO I think.
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  3. Most of what I wrote is fairly normal for this industry so I'm assuming you're referring to the stuff I wrote about the girl at the hotel? She showed me a newspaper clipping that listed the drivers arrest and his bond was set at $15,000. She also told me that while she had been on the truck w/him he forced her to drive while he would lay in the bunk and drink.
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    Bizarre story indeed.

    And; you just HAVE to love the "If you hire me you gotta put up with my nosey, butt-in-ski, over barring wife" crowd too.
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    And maybe I'm missing something but what in the blue hell is "dh"

    We need to start a WaG Forum where all the wives and girlfriends can post this nonsense in one place we all know to completely ignore.
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    Why would you bump a 9 years old thread?
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    That's been going on a lot the last week or so .
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    You're welcome?
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    Wonder if the OP divorced her dh (dear husband) yet lol. Sounds like the controlling type IMO
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    Just reading this I kept reading faster and faster hearing the narrative in my head become more and more breathless...

    If I were married to her I think I would definitely keep getting denied home time. Even if I had to bribe my dispatcher.
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