Need help with CB radio set up.

Discussion in 'CB Radio Forum' started by katiesantos301, Jul 9, 2024.

  1. katiesantos301

    katiesantos301 Bobtail Member

    Jun 6, 2024
    [​IMG] Please let me know if you need more information.

    I bough a CB radio Cobra 29 LTD classic.
    First set up was a single antenna, with mirror mount (on passenger side), the electrical source was provided by the factory one installed in 2024 Freightliner Cascadia. SWR readings was directly from the CB radio.

    However, with barely being able to hear anyone unless “SUPPER” close I have since changed things up.

    I bought an external SWR reader.
    Chanel 1 = 1.4
    Chanel 40 = 1.8
    New power source is wire ran from fuse box positive and negative.
    I now have two mirror bolt antenna mounts (driver side and passenger side) with a divider coax cable.
    I left the external SWR mounted up (figured it could stay on).

    Now all I hear is static (I don’t hear anyone with new set-up, with the exception of one time on channel 9 for two seconds). However, the squelch and RF gain do not need to be as high as it was with previous setup to reduce the static.

    I need help

    Sorry if this is long or if this is a silly question supper new to CB radios (we all have to learn some time)

    please see attached photos.

    Thanks all!
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  3. Ridgeline

    Ridgeline Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    First question - does the static happen stanting still or moving?

    Second I would get rid of the second antenna ) passenger side for now, run only ONE coax (not a phased setup which you should have) to that one antenna, straghten it up almost vertical and check it then.

    I would also move the power from the fuse box to the battery.
  4. Xcis

    Xcis Medium Load Member

    Jul 9, 2008
    Bridgeport, Pa
    Is the radio new from store or used?
  5. Badger619

    Badger619 Bobtail Member

    Jun 1, 2024
    San Diego County, CA
    I agree with wiring it directly to the battery also.

    Personally I like my SWR at 1.5 or lower if at all possible. The 1.4 at ch1 and 1.8 at ch40 you give indicates you need to SHORTEN your antenna just a tiny bit. It's close but I'd like to see it lower if you can. Probably 1/8" to 1/4" at most, but go in tiny adjustments and keep checking your SWR as u do it til it's where you want it to be.

    Good luck and enjoy that Cobra 29, that's a classic radio and one of my favorites.
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