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Discussion in 'Driver Health' started by gixxer32404, Mar 21, 2010.

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    #### driver you're 30 lb more than i am and the same height! You must be a danger to the motoring public!

    JK. I love how my BMI is "obese". BMI is the most stupid system anyone has ever thought of. People don't come from cookie cutters. I have a larger frame + i have a nice butt or so the girls say. LOL.
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    Well, I had my physical today. Our Company policy will require me to take the sleep study. I took mine with the health care provider that has set up shop in our terminal.

    I asked some questions. Interesting answers.

    BMI is the leading indicator for a sleep study to be ordered... however the Dr. can flag you for a sleep study based on neck size... also based on the size/shape of your throat area (airway size, tonsile size and Uvula) for this test the Doctor simply has you say "ahhh" while comparing what he sees in the back of your throat with a series of pictures with varying degrees of passage...

    Drivers have been flagged for a sleep study with the two lesser indicators... even though their BMI is under the limit... I asked because my brother is fit, and he had sleep apnea (before surgery corrected it).. so I was wondering about the criteria for non-overweight people.

    Company policy is even if you use a different doctor for your DOT Physical, the company will send you for screening based simply on weight and height before you will be allowed to drive.

    Reminder, Its a company's discretion to set higher physical standards than the DOT's...

    I take my sleep study test tonight... Its a seperate vendor, and the Dr. reminded me there have been quite a few people he has sent over there who were at the borderline BMI limit that came back diagnosed with no abnormal sleeping problems.

    If I have apnea, I'll get the machine, the Dr. will sign my clearance to drive and I'll get back on the road.
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    One of the questions that doesn't seem to get asked enough is, "After a normal number of hours of sleep (7-8, I guess), do you feel fatigued too soon after you start your day?" Did you (or anyone else following this thread) get asked that question? I think people know when they are fatigued, don't you? If a driver who has a high BMI can honestly say that after a night's sleep they feel refreshed and awake and able to do their job without feeling abnormally fatigued, then what's the problem? But, with "Driving While Fatigued" being such a huge issue, as it should be, I guess DOT/FMCSA are turning over every stone to get at causes.

    The good news is that drivers who discover they have a problem with getting adequate rest as a result of sleep apnea can look forward to feeling better and being healthier in more ways than one.
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    I happen to be a fat ####### truck driver, so I am plenty qualified to speak on this subject:

    First of all, unless it has to do with race, religion, sex, or nationality,then a company can discriminate any way that it wants. However, the companies aren't discriminating, it is the insurance companies. They do the hiring and firing and any honest employer will tell you that.

    Second, this stuff about BMI's, sleep apnea, etc. is over the top, but honestly, there is probably some truth to it. We all know truck drivers are the epitome of laziness and most of the fat ones are pathetic. The problem is that some of us fat guys can do the job and do it well. I only eat once a day. I actually do a pre-trip inspection EVERY DAY. I park at the back of the parking lot. I walk to other restaurants to eat, besides those offered at the truck stop, when I feel like it. But, I am still a fat #######, and the problem is that I know how disgustig that is, because, in fact, it disgusts me too. I get sick of seeing a bunch of fat people huff and puff at a Golden Corral or Mexican Restaurant or Wal-mart, because I know that's what I look like. I hate seeing the fat guys waddle from their trucks to the truck stop to take a shower, because I know I probably look just like them. Now, I haven't reached "sweat pants" status yet, but it probably wouldn't take much to get there.

    As much as I hate to admit it, some of this stuff is simply trying to get fatigued drivers off the road, and a fat guy has less energy that a guy that is in shape. Here is the problem that I have: I put on a lot of my weight in the 12 years out here on the road. I am not making excuses, but just stating a fact. When a guys sits behind the wheel for 14 hours a dey, and let's state facts, when you have a 60-65 mph truck, it takes 14 hours to make the miles that you log in 11 hours, and then you sit at shippers and receivers babysitting the rig, then you're going to put on weight. Now, I don't know about all the sleep apnea crap, but I can tell you that I don't have the energy that I would like to have. I attribute this to simply being overweight.

    It is discriminatory for company's to act this way, because people like me who can do the job get dealt a bad hand, but the overwhelming majority of these beached whales are slobs and they are pathetic slobs and it is pathetic to see them try and walk. No one should be bigger than me, but the fact is that almost everyone is getting to be as big as I am and that is just one of the sorry things about America these days.
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    Sorry to hear about your weight problem but my brother in law has been driving for 35 yrs. he is 6ft 1in and weighs 185 lbs. I asked him how he stays in good shape being on the road all the time and he said he eats twice a day, usually at a truck stop, but he never eats from the all you can eat trough.:biggrin_25526:
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    My friend has sleep apnea,during his test he stopped breathing 89 times within 1 hour of sleeping.He's 5"9 220 thats not fat.
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    Sweetie I was in the same boat.I got to the point where I couldnt do my job.I had the gastric bypass surgery done,lost 75 lbs and in 4 years gained 45lbs back.I thought I could eat junk food an get away with it WRONG.Eating 1 meal a day,is the worst thing you can do.Instead eat 6 small meals,that will increase your metabolism.Exercise is the only way to loose fat,plain and simple.I started with bungee cords then walking.Eat healthy,I love milk chocolate,so I switched to fat free tootsie rools.sugar free candy.
    Watching Dr Oz.a guy on TV said,dont put anything in your mouth if its bigger than your fist,for a meal.:biggrin_2559:
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    It's almost laughable, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. Why not just go to the source? Any regulation (if it goes into effect at all) is still 3 to 5 years away. It has to do with sleep apnea any way not just BMI. When and if it goes into effect It will require any one with a BMI of 33 or higher and neck size of 18 inches or more to go through a sleep study and be treated for sleep apnea IF and only IF you are found to have more then 15 episodes per hour.

    P.S. The BMI and sleep apnea or anything medical have zero to do with CSA 2010, I don't care what the guy who knows a guy says...........
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    My blood pressure would jump just knowing the DOT was pulling me around back!:biggrin_25523:
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    All truckstop food is bad for you.
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