New CDL Grad looking to team w/ O/O(mentor) Eastern PA non-smoker...

Discussion in 'Drivers Looking for a Team Driver' started by no75pitt, Feb 28, 2021.

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    Feb 28, 2021
    I am finishing CDL school this week(2/28/2021). I am currently a middle school teacher(24y) intending to resign/retire at end of March. I am 47yo married(18y) with kids.

    I am looking to team with an O/O that can show me the best practices for starting and running under my own authority. I have done the research and educated myself, I will have the CDL(tanker and dbl/trpl endorsed-willing to obtain HAZMAT) this week. I have the capital to start the business. What I need now is a true professional that can show me the parts of this industry that cannot be learned in a classroom or on the internet. I am very serious about running under my own authority. I would like to drive with a teammate that can mentor me for 6 months to a year and give me the finishing lessons that can help me toward my goals.

    I have owned and operated a fifth wheel camper and 40ft Class A motorhome(diesel w/ Airbrakes) for the last 20 years. I am not a squeamish rookie on the road, I drive safe and aware at all times. I have a pristine driving record. I have completed a 160hour CDL training school and believe that I am likely one of the top students. I am prepared to negotiate my pay to accommodate for the increased insurance premium for an inexperienced driver. However, I don't want to be taken advantage of.

    I am clean, open minded, honest, work hard, show up on time, politically in the middle leaning left, mechanically inclined, I hunt, own guns, build stuff, read a lot, and like to laugh my ### off. I like to think that I would be an asset to any O/O who is willing to share their knowledge.

    I thank you for reading this far and considering my request.

    Feel free to contact me via email at:
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