New owner operator looking for decent place to call home.

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by greg3070, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. greg3070

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Victorville, CA
    Anyone have any thoughts on best place to sign on, I live in Houston and just bought my first truck. It's a 2016 KW T680. I have about 5 years of Tanker Hazmat fuel driving and another 2 years of dry van before that. I applied to Mercer, but they denied me because I don't have any "recent" OTR time. They said I need at least 3 months recent time. I'm also waiting on Landstar, but they take some time to complete the process. Fuel haulers aren't hiring in the area. I needed someone's authority to avoid the sales tax, so I took the first offer which was with JB Hunt. That has earned me an impressive $8000 for the month, but after deductions paid me $5100 of which $2000 went to the truck and parking. $3100 dollars before maintenance for a months worth of work with 7 years of experience? I certainly won't be staying long with this bankruptcy type income.

    Eventually I would like to get my own authority, but right now that would be a little out of budget. Once I start making a decent amount of money I can consider that. Anyone have any ideas of better places to sign on with until that time?
  2. ronaldanderson811

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    Jan 25, 2019
    I'm currently working with F2F, been there for 6 months. I know there's some bad talk about them on here but that's from before they were bought out. Your responsible for booking your own loads although they do have some contract freight that pays pretty well. I average between 5 and 6 a week go where I want when I want. Similar to landstar but they don't have their own load board . I get my freight off of dat. So far I'm happy with them, checks are always on time back office is really easy to work with.
  3. Wespipes

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    Jul 14, 2019
    Landstar will deny you too. They require 6 months of otr within the past 3 years. They say otr is described as an average of 300 miles a day min. Got this info straight from landstar
  4. kemosabi49

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    Jan 13, 2013
    SW Arkansas
    If you are in Houston and have hazmat, tanker experience, why not try that. Every tanker comapny has a presence in Houston.
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  5. starmac

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    Apr 11, 2019
    Fairbanks Ak
    Don't take this wrong, but unless a guy is pretty well heeled, it takes some balls to go buy a truck, then start looking. lol
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    Jul 7, 2010
    North Jersey
    Where do you live?
  7. stayinback

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    Jan 24, 2014
    Just Curious how your making 5-6 k per week,from a load board using brokers..Then Giving this f2f a percentage ALREADY bitten off by brokers, In tough market times right now....

    So, In essence your giving up probably close to 30% or more ...I Just dont see 5k per week TO YOU..Unless your running coast to coast and Not going Home,Running irregular with your head cut off.(3500 miles)

    i Dont even see those numbers and I work with direct customers,4-5 days a week.
  8. LDLWells

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    Jan 14, 2019
    I know a place looking for o/o but it's in Colorado hauling crude. Rates aren't bad. They supply the trailer and take care of all maintenance on the trailer. It's about as flat as Texas too.

    They're ran by smart businessmen too. They don't take work at a loss to get market share.
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  9. Cabinover101

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    Jul 28, 2019
    What type of work are you looking for? Van? Tanker or flat? Houston should be loaded with Tanker jobs
  10. MM71

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    Jun 28, 2008
    Boasso ... should pay the bills
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